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Registration for new students is conducted during the week prior to the beginning of instruction. Priority registration is open to continuing students in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above and is held before the end of each semester.

Students registering after the regularly scheduled registration period are required to pay the late registration fee. The registration fee is paid at the Business and Finance Office. Further instructions are available from the Records Office. For information on fees, see the Tuition & Fees page.

If a student registers and pays only the required registration fees, the student is still responsible for the remaining balance of any tuition and fees. This includes balances incurred during priority registration. If the student is unable to attend classes, the appropriate add/drop policy on the Changes in Registration page or Withdrawals procedures must be followed. Failure to attend classes does not exempt the student from paying any remaining tuition and fees.

Please refer to our Registration Policies for information on the following:

  • Student Academic Entry Policy - lists classes a student placed in developmental courses must complete prior to enrolling in college level courses.
  • Prerequisite Courses - important policy regarding prerequisite courses.
  • Student Credit Load - defines how many credits a student needs to enroll in to achieve full-time status.
  • Student Classification - defines Classified students, Unclassified students, Auditors, Freshmen, and Sophomores.
  • Student Status - defines Continuing, Inactive, New, Returning, New Transfer, and Unclassified students.
  • Auditing Courses - procedures and policies for auditing a course.
  • Preparatory Course Work - policy limiting enrollment for students who do not meet the placement test score requirements.

Please refer to our Course Policies page for information on the following:

  • Course Substitutions - policy on substituting one course for another.
  • Course Repetition - policy on repeating courses.
  • Textbook Policy - policy that requires the purchase of textbooks and other materials listed in the current course syllabus.
  • Textbook Information - where to get titles and ISBN numbers of required textbooks.
  • Course Classification Systems - The numbering system that classifies courses.
  • Academic Advising - The entire ASCC Faculty is committed to helping each student pursue a course of study to fulfill his/her Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) for the future.
  • Coursework Expiration - defines when credits towards a degree expire.

Please refer to our Changes In Registration page for information on the following:

  • Adds and Drops - policy on adding and dropping classes after registration.
  • Administrative Drop - a drop from a class not initiated by the student.

And please refer to our Withdrawals page for information on the following:

  • Class Withdrawal - how to withdraw from a class after the drop period is over.
  • Complete Withdrawal from ASCC - policy on leaving ASCC.
  • Unofficial Withdrawal - policy on withdrawals from classes where the student has failed to complete one of the above processes.

Please refer to our Veterans Access Fees and Tuition Policy for further information regarding veterans and their dependents.