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Academic Advising

The entire ASCC Faculty is committed to helping each student pursue a course of study to fulfill his/her Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) for the future. Academic advisers bring to their responsibilities as educators not only knowledge of academic disciplines, but also an understanding of the rationale that underlies the curricula of ASCC. Students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance early in their college careers.

Academic advising includes:

  1. Assisting students in clarifying, articulating, and attaining academic and life goals
  2. Facilitating each student’s academic adjustment to the campus
  3. Educating students to assess academic progress and to develop educational plans
  4. Explaining and clarifying college core courses, graduation requirements, and academic rules and regulations
  5. Advise students on issues as they relate to academic progress, which may include referral to appropriate College programs and community agencies
  6. Serving as advocates and mediator for students.

For more information, see academic counseling goals under Counseling Services.