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The College Accelerated Preparatory Program (CAPP) is a preparatory program for students who do not meet current “college level” course competencies.

CAPP Courses

The courses in CAPP address reading, writing, and mathematics to prepare students for college level course work. The results from the SAT or ACT or TOEFL scores, or placement test will determine the English and Math courses required to complete the program.

Reading Courses

ENG 70 Beginning Reading (3 Credits)
ENG 80 Intermediate Reading (3 Credits)
ENG 90 Advanced Reading (3 Credits)

Writing Courses

ENG 71 Beginning Writing (3 Credits)
ENG 81 Intermediate Writing (3 Credits)
ENG 91 Advanced Writing (3 Credits)

Mathematic Courses

MAT 80 Preparatory Math (4 Credits)
MAT 90 Elementary Algebra (4 Credits)

CAPP Learning Outcomes

  1. Reading, Speaking and Writing Outcomes
    1. Actively listen and engage in individual or group discussions and conversations
    2. Engage in conversational styles, forms and sound or English
    3. Identify and apply basic college reading skills to describe, interpret, summarize and make analytical judgments in reading selections
    4. Apply the basic steps of the writing process to write well-structured sentences, paragraphs and essays using critical thinking skills
    5. Participate in learning activities using technology and service learning
  2. Mathematics Outcomes
    1. Develop a general understanding of basic operations of real numbers and algebraic expressions to gain a solid foundation of basic mathematical concepts
    2. Develop and demonstrate basic computational skills in arithmetic and elementary algebra necessary to be successful in a college level math
    3. Demonstrate the ability to read, interpret, and construct tables, basic graphs, and linear equations
    4. Use technology to practice, solve, and verify basic arithmetic problems and linear equations

CAPP Policy

  1. A student with a placement result indicating ENG 150 Introductory to Literature, and ENG 151 Freshman Composition and Math 90 Elementary Algebra, is eligible to take General Education courses (150-college level) courses
  2. The student must pass MAT 90, ENG 90, and ENG 91 in the first session of CAPP in order to continue with the recommended General Education courses in the CAPP second session
  3. If the student does not pass MAT 90, ENG 90, and ENG 91 in the first session of CAPP, he/she will not be allowed to take 150-college level courses in the CAPP second session until these courses are complete
  4. Students placing in this category will be assisted with advising, registration, and progress monitored by the Academic Advisors.