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The American Samoa Community College is a partnership school with the University of Hawaii Army ROTC program. The program offers elective credit towards an associates or bachelor’s degree. The Army ROTC program does not lead to any degree in Military Science. Academic performance in core ASCC curriculum should be the main focus of cadets. The Army ROTC Basic Course consists of four distinct semesters, and is structured as a single, progressive course. Upon successful completion of the Basic Course cadets may transfer 12 credits to one of the 273 Universities throughout the United States offering a commission in the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant.

Students must be pursuing an associate’s degree in any of the majors offered at American Samoa Community College. The basic course (MSL I referring to MSL 101 & 102 and MSL II referring to MSL 201 & 202) normally corresponds to the students freshman and sophomore years. It is designed to enhance student’s interest in ROTC and the Army. Upon Completion of the basic course, students will transfer to one of the 273 Universities in the U.S offering ROTC to continue with the Advance Course (MSL III and MSL IV). ROTC offers four, three, or two year scholarships depending on the student’s academic alignment. Only US citizens and nationals are qualified for the scholarship in the Army ROTC.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Attract, motivate and prepare selected students to serve as commissioned officers in the active or reserve components of the Army
  2. Provide a practical understanding of the concepts and principles of military science
  3. Develop a strong sense of duty, honor and country
  4. Promote teamwork and individual fitness
  5. Develop an understanding of and appreciation for international relations and national security
  6. Develop a comprehension of ethics, leadership, effective goal setting, time-management and effort, and the tradition of a citizen’s army
  7. Familiarize with the concept of the decision making process and the styles of leadership

To see a list of courses offered, use the provided link.