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Credit for Transfer Courses

A request to accept credits earned at other colleges or universities, or military or life experience credits must be made to the Admissions Office. The transfer of credit process takes approximately six weeks. An official transcript must be submitted directly from the institution to the Admissions office. Military transfer requests must include the ACE evaluation. Transfer credit is awarded on a course by course basis, based on the following conditions:

  1. The transcript used is an official copy received directly by ASCC from the institution where the credit was earned
  2. The transferred courses must be similar in scope, content, and institutional format to an ASCC course
  3. The transfer credits must be a “C” grade or better
  4. The transfer credits must be approved by the instructional Department Chairperson and the appropriate Dean
  5. A maximum of 45 credits may be transferred (See Residency Requirements on the Admissions page.)

Credit by Examination

All requests to challenge courses by examination must be approved by the instructional department chairperson.

For preparatory courses numbered below 100, the student must register for the class prior to challenging the course. If the student succeeds in passing the examination, the student will be allowed to add the next level class and drop the challenged class. The challenged class will not appear on the student’s transcript. An add/drop extension will be granted through the first week of classes.

For courses numbered 100 or above, the student must register for the class prior to challenging the class. If the student succeeds in passing the examination with a “C” grade or better, the student will be awarded an “E” grade.

If the student fails the examination, no grade is entered and the student may continue with course. Examinations for course credit may be taken only once. “E” grades for Credit by Examination will not be counted toward overall GPA and CGPA. Additionally, credits earned by examination are not covered under federal financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for the information.

Credit for Work/Life Experience

Credit for experiential learning through work and life experiences may be granted toward meeting requirements for all undergraduate degrees. Such learning completed since high school must be validated by documentation or examinations. These experiences must be appropriate to the degree and the students’ major. A student applying for work/life experience credit must file with appropriate instructional department chairperson a portfolio documenting experiential learning. Evidence of learning may include written or oral examinations, tapes, projects, demonstrations and performances. Verification of employment and training must be for a minimum of two years.

In general, work/life experiences are equated with the learning expected from a formal course in the ASCC catalog. Approval of credit begins with the appropriate Department Chairperson with final approval by the appropriate Dean. Credit for work/life experiences is limited to 15 semester credit hours.

Independent Study

Independent Study is an option for students who are unable to enroll in a course due to a schedule conflict, class cancellation, program requirement change, graduation or a transfer requirement. Initiating an independent study is based entirely on an instructor’s willingness to do so. Independent study contracts must have attached course syllabus that is commensurate in content and coverage to the actual course, with modifications only to the meeting times, dates and topical outline. Students are limited to no more than two (2) independent study contracts per semester. Independent study contracts can only be approved for courses in the current catalog. Independent contracts are not valid for courses offered during summer session, courses that require laboratory work that include: clinical, studio, internship, practicum, fieldwork, and physical education.

Students will be charged $25.00 (non-refundable fee) in addition to the cost of the course. Please note that an independent study course is not covered by financial aid. An Independent Study request must be completed by the first week of instruction.

Credits Earned at Foreign (non U.S.) Colleges and Universities

Credits earned in institutions of higher education in foreign countries may be transferred in some cases. Students are advised to contact the Admissions Office for certified Evaluator Services for foreign credits. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Records Office. Transcripts and related documents are to include course descriptions and MUST have certified English translation attached.

Distant Learning Courses

Course completed by distance learning from accredited institutions of higher education may earn ASCC credits. See Admissions Office.

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

ASCC accepts Advanced Placement Examination scores for credit, and in some instances, placement. For examination scores to be evaluated, students must have official transcripts of examination results sent to the Admissions Office and submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation form. Further information is available from the Admissions Office.

For more information about veterans transcripts, see VA Transcript Evaluations.