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The mission of the College and Life Planning (CLP) course is to empower and inspire students to be successful, both personally and professionally.


The College and Life Planning (CLP) course is designed to expose students to academic and personal tools that will help them enhance their strengths, to acknowledge and overcome their weaknesses, and to learn to adopt the tools in such a way that they can be modified for lifelong learning. CLP also focuses on enriching the student’s college experience and with efforts to increase retention of first- and second-year undergraduates.

College & Life Planning offers the following courses.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop and apply communication skills to enhance the areas of speaking, writing, reading and listening
  2. Correlate personal learning styles to improve their academic studies and real work situations
  3. Utilize current technology skills to improve communication, and locate and retrieve information for life-long learning
  4. Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for diversity in all aspects of life
  5. Develop and illustrate strategies to address potential problems with effective solutions or options