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On all changes of registration forms, the appropriate signatures are required. Approval from the Dean of Academic Affairs is required as a substitute for an advisor’s or an instructor’s signature. Invalid signatures will be reported to the Dean of Student Services for disciplinary action and a grade of “F” will be recorded.

Add and Drop

Adding or dropping a course is official only after the student has completed and submitted an Add/Drop Form to the Registrar's Office, and has paid the required fee(s) to the Finance Office.

In order to add/drop a course, a student must pick up the form from the Registrar's Office. See Tuition and Fees section on charges. Classes dropped during the Add/Drop Period are not reflected in the student’s transcript or permanent record.

Following the Add/Drop Period is the Drop Only Period. Students may only drop classes at this time. The same $5.00 fee applies.

At the end of the priority registration period for continuing students there is a scheduled Early Add and Drop Period. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the add/drop, drop only and early add/drop deadlines for each semester or term. Refer to the ASCC Refund Policy on the Tuition and Fees page also for the percentage of refundable tuition.

Administrative Drop

An administrative drop is a drop from a class that is not initiated by the student and is not reflected in the student’s transcript or permanent record. An administrative drop is initiated for one of the following conditions:

  • Students with excessive absences during the first two weeks of instruction
  • Initiated by the Records Office in consultation with and approval of the instructor

If a student fails to follow attendance, pre-requisite, or textbook policies the instructor MAY initiate an administrative drop. Please note that the Administrative Drop Policy does not allow for tuition refunds.