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Class Withdrawal

In order to withdraw from class(es), a student must pick up the withdrawal form from the Registrar's office. The student must obtain the instructor(s) and advisor’s signatures and submit the completed withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office for posting. Class changes during the withdrawal period (Refer to the Academic Calendar for the approved withdrawal dates) are reflected in the student’s transcript with a grade of “W,” “W/NP,” or “W/F”.

Students may withdraw from a class without academic penalty during the first 60% of that course’s term and receive a grade of “W” (refer to the Academic Calendar). After this date, the student who withdraws will receive a grade of “W/F,” or “W/NP” for developmental course(s). See Tuition and Fees page for applied charges.

Complete Withdrawal from ASCC

Students who wish to withdraw completely from ASCC should obtain the appropriate form from the Registrar's Office and follow official procedures. The procedures for complete withdrawal are the same as a class withdrawal.

Students who completely withdraw before the ninth week of instruction will receive a “W” for each of the courses in progress at the time of withdrawal; for ASBEP students, it will be for the first six weeks to receive a “W” for each of the courses in progress. After this date, the student who withdraws will receive a “W/F” or “W/NP (for developmental courses(s). Students may complete withdraw from ASCC up to the last day of instruction. (Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific dates).

Unofficial Withdrawal

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the process of withdrawing from a class or to completely withdraw from ASCC. If a student fails to file the withdrawal form with the Records Office, a “UW” (Unofficial Withdrawal) will be recorded. The “UW” will be calculated in the GPA in the same way as an “F”/“NP”.