Officers of Lumana'i Educators Association
The officers of the new Lumana'i Educators Association, open to those majoring in Education at ASCC, are (l-r) Pauline Falepapalangi (Secretary), Pauline Ta'ape (Vice President), Tiara Williams (President) and Anamarie Kitiona (Treasurer). (Photo: J. Kneubuhl)

ASCC Education Majors form Association

November 10, 2014

By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

Education majors at the American Samoa Community College have formed a new student organization they have named the Lumana’i Educators Association. “The purpose of the club is for our students to network with each other and assist those who need help with their courses, as well as to provide exposure for the programs our Teacher Education Department (TED) has to offer,” said Mrs. Christine Fuimaono, who serves as the organization’s Staff Advisor, while Mrs. Feleni Alainuuese serves as Faculty Advisor.

At their initial meeting last week, the Lumana’i Educators attracted several dozen of the approximately 100 Education majors at ASCC, though Mrs. Fuimaono expects that more students will join as the organization’s profile rises. Those present participated in choosing the organization’s first group of officers, including Tiara Williams (President), Pauline Taape (Vice President), Anamarie Kitiona (Treasurer), and Pauline Falepapalangi (Secretary). “We will have a support system going in the future,” continued Mrs. Fuimaono, “such as tutors for students who need help with assignments and lesson plans. We also plan to make more students in our schools aware of the opportunities available to Education majors at ASCC.”

Mrs. Alainuuese feels that in both its intent and its membership, the Lumana’i Educators will be unlike the typical, more socially-oriented student organizations familiar to the College. “The difference is the combination of our Associate degree seekers, and those working towards a Bachelor degree,” she said. “We’ll also include in-service teachers, and Teacher Education will be the only academic department on campus that our association will represent. Everyone involved will have the same focus, which is to let the public know we exist and to let all of the College’s stakeholders recognize that they’re investing in something great – the TED.”

Several years ago, an earlier attempt was made by Teacher Education students to launch their own organization, but various factors led to the group disbanding. Since then, with the four-year Bachelors in Education (B. Ed.) degree now accredited, the time seemed right to make another attempt. “This time around, the Education members once again felt compelled to make themselves and especially their program known,” said Mrs. Alainuuese. “The increased profile of the B.Ed. program around campus as well as the influx of other baccalaureate programs on island all contributed to their interest. Now that the number of Education majors is growing, the time seems right to revive our own student organization.”

While the Lumana’i Educators Association members will focus on providing mutual support, they also intend to promote the growth of the TED. “We’re planning outreach activities in the high schools, to recruit not only potential students, but also in-service teachers who have yet to earn a Bachelors degree,” explained Mrs. Alainuuese. “We also hope to create partnerships with agencies that can provide services and opportunities for our program and our students to flourish, such as the Feleti Barstow Library, the Boys and Girls Club, the Department of Human and Social Services Day Care Division, and others. These are just some of the initiatives we plan to work on in the near future.”

For more information on the Lumana’i Educators Association, call ASCC at 699-9155 and ask for Mrs. Feleni Alainuuese at extension 489 or Mrs. Christine Fuimaono at extension 417.