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Division of Academic Affairs (DOAA)


As the learning outcome centered division, the Academic Affairs Division is in alignment with the ASCC Catalog to provide the highest levels of quality academic services for students through on-going analysis, assessment, and improvement of instructional programs and personnel.

Academic Affairs Divisional Outcomes

Divisional Outcome 1: Curriculum, Instruction, and Planning.

Provide the highest quality programs and courses through on-going review and assessment of student learning outcomes at the course and program level. Raise academic quality and improve student success to promote decision-making and planning utilizing the results of student learning outcome assessments.

Divisional Outcome 2: Highest level of academic services.

Provide opportunities to establish quality academic and student programs. Provide academic services and be accountable to for maintaining the academic integrity of programs for students and faculty.

Divisional Outcome 3: Internal and External Partnerships and Entities.

Provide quality academic programs and services to meet transferability requirements and to coordinate programs and activities for workforce development. Provide opportunities and resources for the underserved, challenged, and non-traditional population and promote diversity and global engagement.

Divisional Outcome 4: Manage and allocate institutional resources effectively.

Collaborate and work as a team with internal divisions, programs and departments in achieving student success and promote opportunity, access, and equity in professional development for faculty and staff both locally and off-island.

Divisional Outcome 5: Recruit, retain, and support faculty and staff in a culture of excellence and innovation.

Promote excellence in teaching pedagogy through continuous evaluation of the teaching and learning process, provide professional development to equip instructors with technological skills necessary in the high technological world. Support instructors with appropriate teaching classification and ranks in alignment with the hiring process. Demonstrate continuous commitment to student learning by upgrading skills in teaching and learning.