PRESS RELEASE - October 29, 2014

Application Assistance Award Recipients
Seated in the front row are three of the five recipients of application financial assistance from the American Samoa College Research Foundation, officers an members of which are seen here on hand to congratulate them. (Photo: J. Kneubuhl)

ASCC-ASCRF Announces Application Assistance Awards

October 29, 2014

By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

The American Samoa College Research Foundation (ASCRF) Student Association, based at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), recently selected five students to receive a College/University Application Assistance Award of $100 each to help further their education. “This is in keeping with our mission to promote quality programs and services at ASCC by raising philanthropic support, while strengthening relationships with the Community for the benefit of the students,” said ASCRF Director Mrs. Matesina Willis.

Conceived to benefit ASCC students who intend to continue their education off island, the ASCRF Student Association raised funds for the award through activities such as a car wash earlier this month. Aside from regular tuition, most colleges and universities in the US charge a fee for students simply to apply, so the assistance award will help ease the financial burden for the five selected individuals as they negotiate the application process with their prospective schools in Hawaii and on the mainland.

The ASCRF sought the assistance of a panel consisting of Dean of Student Services Dr. Emilia Le’i, Dean of Academic Affairs Mrs. Letupu Moananu, and faculty members Dr. Faofua Faatoafe, head of the Business Department, Ernie Seiuli, instructor with the Trades and Technology Department, to evaluate the 14 applications for assistance the Foundation received after announcing the award. The panel selected students Ms. Kofesina Pula, 20, applying to BYU Hawaii and UH Hilo to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree; Mr. Ching–Ho Malua Hunkin, 23, seeking a Civil Engineering degree from UH Manoa; Ms. Miranda Galo, 20, applying to UH Hilo to study Business Administration/Accounting; Ms. Ella Monique Misa, 21, applying to Oregon State, UC Berkeley and UH Manoa to study Business Management/Accounting; and Ms. Temukisa Matagi, 20, seeking a Bachelor of Arts from either UH Hilo or UH Manoa.

“We strive to enhance the visibility of programs and services of ASCC, provide assistance in increasing student success rates, shape the future of prospective students of ASCC by promoting academics, and raise awareness of scholarship opportunities,” said ASCRF Administrative Assistant Ms. Angelique Ma’ae, who praised the initiative of the Foundation’s Student Association. “They came up with the idea for this award after they observed how many of their peers need assistance just getting the application process going with off-island schools. Personally, my hat goes off to the Student Association as they constantly find ways to help their fellow students, and once they put their minds to achieving a goal, there is really no stopping them.”

For more information on the American Samoa College Research Foundation, call 699-9155 and ask for extension 401.