Dean and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
ASCC Dean of Academic Affairs Mrs. Letupu Moananu (right) and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Mrs. Evelyn Gibbs-Fruean recently returned from Hawaii, where they renewed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between ASCC and the major universities and colleges in the Aloha State. (Photo: J. Kneubuhl)

ASCC Renews Articulation with Hawaii Universities

May 8, 2014

By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Dean of Academic Affairs Mrs. Letupu Moananu returned in early May after attending a successful series of meetings in Hawaii, accompanied by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Mrs. Evelyn Gibbs-Fruean, to re-articulate the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ASCC and six Hawaii universities regarding the transferability of ASCC courses to those institutions.

Mrs. Moananu and Mrs. Gibbs-Fruean met with officials from Chaminade University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii Pacific University, Brigham Young University – Hawaii, and Kapiolani Community College. “The purpose of this trip was to re-articulate an agreement for all ASCC General Education courses and the Core Foundational Areas with each institution. The majority of the Memorandum of Understandings listed in the ASCC 2012-2014 catalog exist for an agreed-upon period of time, and thereafter need to be revisited for re-evaluation. We needed to discuss the articulating of ASCC General Education courses for the transferability of our graduates.”

In the academic world, the term “articulate” has to do with the credits earned from courses taken at one institution being recognized by another institution. In very general terms, credits earned in most courses numbered 100 and above will be recognized by another institution, although this may vary according to the respective standards and policies of each individual institution. Articulation MOUs generally cover a set number of years, after which the partnering institutions hold discussions to ensure that the necessary standards of compatibility for the continuation of the MOU are met.

“In addition to the new articulation of General Education courses, ASCC students are able to transfer to the universities we met with to continue their studies towards a Bachelor's degree in many degree programs at a junior level, because the majority of ASCC General Education requirements are equivalent to these institutions’ own General Education courses,” explained Mrs. Gibbs-Fruean. “We accomplished a new and/or revised Articulation Agreement with the institutions that we visited. ASCC graduates from fall 2014 to fall 2018 will be able to transfer to any of these institutions without taking additional General Education courses to fulfill the requirements of a specific degree program.”

Dean Moananu reiterated the success of the Hawaii meetings. “All of the above Universities aside from BYU-Hawaii are currently working on renewing the existing MOUs which should be signed and documented by the end of summer,” she said. “Our MOU with BYU-Hawaii won't expire until the end of the year, so it's good until spring 2015. Also, aside from General Education and core foundational requirements, all courses currently in the catalog are being articulated by all universities for equivalency.”

Mrs. Gibbs-Fruean expressed her appreciation for the hospitality, cooperation and professionalism shown by all of the Hawaii institutions visited by her and Dean Moananu. For the full range of ASCC programs and courses, visit the ASCC website at: