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The Social Science Department provides students with introductory information in history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography and education. The department provides a diverse spectrum of courses acquainting students with their places in historical processes, cultural developments, interrelationships amongst people and the dynamics of societal elements reflected in social, religious, political and technological progress. More specifically the department offers the Associate of Arts with emphasis in in Political Science degree program and transferable courses for students planning to further their education at off-island colleges and universities.

To meet this mission, the department offers the following degree and certificate programs of studies:

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  1. Analyze and apply classic and contemporary theories, concepts, models, norms, ideas and events in Social Science disciplines.
  2. Demonstrate competence in writing, speaking and presenting information effectively for Social Science disciplines.
  3. Apply Social Science research methodology to conduct, research, and process and present appropriate findings in the Social Science disciplines.
  4. Develop career goals and plans, and apply lifelong learning skills for personal and professional growth.
Community Advisory Council Chairperson and Faculty
Okenaisa Fauolo-Manila Mrs. Lilian Temese, Chairperson
Mona Uli Mr. Randall Baker, Faculty
Aumua Amata C. Radewagan Mr. Kenneth Kuaea, Faculty
  Mrs. Adrian Moana, Faculty