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English-CAPP Department


Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Sokimi and Mrs. Ropeti

English-CAPP Instructors

Mrs. Mareko, Mr. Goodwin, and Mrs. Calumpang

The mission of the English College Accelerated Preparatory Program (CAPP) is to help students with English limitations to improve their thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students apply these skills to higher education and real life experiences.

CAPP offers the following courses.

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Registration Student Registration

CAPP (English) Learning Outcomes

  1. Actively listen and engage in individual or group discussions and conversations.
  2. Engage in conversational styles, forms, and sound of English.
  3. Identify and apply basic college reading skills to describe, interpret, summarize, and make analytical judgments in reading selections.
  4. Apply the basic steps of the writing process to write well-structured sentences, paragraphs, and essays using critical thinking skills.
  5. Participate in learning activities using technology and service learning.
Community Advisory Council Chairperson and Faculty
Mrs. Tui Peau Dr. Siamaua Ropeti, Chairperson
Mr. Jan Brugman Ms. Florangel Calumpang, Faculty
Mrs. Tala Ropeti-Leo Mrs. Ethel Sokimi, Faculty
Ms. Henrietta Olo Mrs. Elisapeta Faalafi-Jones, Faculty
  Mrs. Lise Sauni-Ale, Faculty
  Mrs. Edna Niedo-Zarraga, Faculty
  Mrs. Sa'ofetalai Faulkner, Faculty