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Students with Instructor Students with Instructor

A few of ASCC's art students taking a break with instructor Regina Meredith.

The Fine Arts Department provides educational services by offering courses that cultivate expression, emotion and creativity. Exposure to, and immersion in the creative arts will enhance and enrich academic studies, therefore, the department encourages students to engage and participate in all forms of the creative arts which includes the musical, the visual, and the theatrical arts. In addition, the department offers courses that allow students to study and appreciate the historical, the social, and the cultural aspects of music, art, and theatre. The department offers a course in the art of public speaking to enhance communication skills. This course fulfills the communication domain of the General Education Requirement. The Fine Arts Department also offers degrees in the areas of music and visual arts. These degree programs prepare students for a career in the creative arts or transferable to a four-year college or university. The Fine Arts Department is committed to educate and inspire students while broadening their life experiences through diversity in learning.

To meet this mission, the department offers the following degree and certificate programs of studies:

The Fine Arts Department offers the following courses.

Lion King Play Art Choir Music

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The Creative Process - Identify the technical and expressive aspects to create, and the ability to perform while developing competent artistic skills that are essential to the Fine Arts field.
  2. The Performing/Exhibition Factor - Enrich the creative process by exhibiting works of art or performing in public places, and demonstrating the study of the Fine Arts discipline while developing lifelong skills in the Arts as a professional.
  3. The Historical, Cultural, and Social Context - Appreciate, comprehend, and respect the historical, cultural, and social elements of the respective field in the Fine Arts
Community Advisory Council Chairperson and Faculty
Rev. Iasepi Uli Mr. Kuki Tuisosopo, Chairperson
Mr. Pati Pati Mrs. Regina Meredith, Faculty
Mr. Ulisone Fitiao Ms. Loretta Leagatonu Puaauli, Faculty