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ART 150 Art History Survey I (3)
Prerequisite: ENG 150
ART 150 is a survey course which focuses on the Art forms created during the major historical periods in time from the Paleolithic to the Late Gothic periods. The course is a survey of artworks that help to define different civilizations during these periods and are presented in lecture format with imagery. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ART 151 Art History Survey II (3)
Prerequisite: ENG 150
ART 151 is a lecture course which focuses on the Art world during the periods beginning with Proto-Renaissance and continues through Post-Modernism. Students are presented with some of the most influential artworks by artists who helped to pioneer in the art field and make a difference in the visual field that we are still indebted to them today. The lectures are presented with slides and select films. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ART 160 Design Fundamentals (3)
ART 160 is an introductory studio course that covers the Elements and Principles in Art. Students are tested on the basic concepts of these rudiments and are required to create different works of art that exemplify them. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 161 Indigenous Art Forms (3)
ART 161 is a studio course that introduces the art forms of Samoa and the Pacific. The art forms include woodcarving, Siapo (Bark Cloth Painting), weaving, pottery, and the tattoo. Local master craftsmen share in their expertise with students and an art project is required for each art form. Students are required to develop a book of notes that reflect the different art forms, and exhibit choice works in the annual art exhibition. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 165 Basic Photography (3)
Prerequisite: ENG 150
ART 165 is a studio course which introduces the student to the world of photography using black and white film and digital capabilities. The handling of different cameras, darkroom procedures, and fieldwork are all covered in this course. Students are required to spend studio time to complete the requirements which include darkroom work, and developing a portfolio of prints that exemplify their endeavors. Students are required to showcase their works in the annual exhibition. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 170 Drawing I (3)
ART 170 is a studio course that is based on various techniques and methods that strengthen the student’s ability to draw with confidence. Students are expected to use an array of mediums that include pencil, pen, charcoal, and pastel. Emphasis is placed on eye-hand coordination and replicating highly realistic images that help to develop their skill. A total of six hours of study is required for this 3 credit course. A final portfolio of works is required as well as participation in the annual art exhibition. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 171 Drawing II (3)
Prerequisite: ART 170
ART 171 is a studio course that focuses on strengthening the student’s visual acuity by drawing from the figure. The study of the anatomy is emphasized and a model is available for study. Students are required to produce illusions of space and volume on a two-dimensional surface while creating figurative drawings. The student will be expected to present a final series of works and showcase in the annual exhibition. A total of six (6) hours of study is required for this course. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 172 Painting I (3)
Prerequisite: ART 160 or ART 170
ART 172 is a studio course that introduces the student to the world of painting using watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. How to use the different mediums, prepare different surfaces, use different brushes, and achieve interesting effects are covered in this course. Students are required to compose a select number of paintings, study and research suggested masters, and compile a portfolio of works. Each student is also required to devote studio time to painting that covers required six (6) hours of this 3 credit course. The annual exhibition is mandatory. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 180 Ceramic Sculptures (3)
Prerequisite: ART 160, ART 170
ART 180 is a studio course that introduces the student to the world of clay. Different methods of clay building are introduced as well as glazing and kiln firing. Students are expected to apply a total of six hours of study to the art form. (Note: 1.5 lecture credits, 1.5 studio credits)
ART 299 Advanced Art Studies & Project (3)
Prerequisite: ART 160, ART 170
This course is designed exclusively for the advanced art student ready to create an independent body of works including scheduled critiques and possible exhibition. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DNC 150 Basic Dance Movements (3)
This course introduces beginning dance concepts to students who may have little or no prior training. Emphasis is placed on body alignment and movement. Students will learn basic dance vocabulary, develop musicality and understand time, space, weight and energy as it relates to dance. Dance repertoire and style is drawn from western dances and indigenous dances. Additionally, this course serves as a foundation for stage movement, sports and physical training, and other advanced dance classes. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DRA 150 Introduction to Drama (3)
A survey of theatre from the Greeks to the present. This course is designed to acquaint students with the various historical periods through lecture demonstration and in class performance. Students who are interested in public performance may also enroll in DRA 151. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DRA 151 Drama Workshop (3)
This course focuses on developing a public theatrical performance. Students will participate in all aspects of the playmaking process. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DRA 170 Oral Interpretation of Literature (3)
Prerequisite: ENG 150
The course examines the principles of interpretive reading. Textual analysis, training in individual and group performance techniques, including voice and articulation are studies, as well as development arrangement and performance of program. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DRA 250 Acting One (3)
Prerequisite: DRA 150
An intensive introduction to acting concentrating on character development and improvisation. Acting skills are learned through various exercises and scene study. The class also focuses on improving the voice, stage movement and characterization. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
DRA 251 Introduction to Technical Theatre (3)
Prerequisite: DRA 150
This course introduces the student to the basic principles of scene design and construction, lighting and sound. Specific attention will focus on script analysis as it relates to the design process. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
MUS 150 Music Fundamentals (3)
(formerly MUS 153)
Music Fundamentals is designed to introduce basic concepts in the organization of music as an expressive medium. The primary focus of the course is to introduce students with little or no musical background to the notation of musical ideas both in reading and writing music. The elements of music including rhythm, melody, meter, pitch, form and expression will be explored through singing, playing classroom instruments, listening, and composition. The roles of the composer, performer, and listener are explored. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
MUS 160 Music Literatures (3)
This course offers a survey of the masterpieces of classical music in sound, including elements, style, history and forms from 1300 to the present. Emphasis placed on appreciating and understanding music as art. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
MUS 165 Music of the World (3)
Students will engage in a comprehensive survey of the traditional and popular music of the world’s cultures. Special emphasis placed on understanding the relationships among music, politics, religion and culture. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
MUS 170 Concert Choir (1)
A large singing organization open to all students, the choir will work on voice development and note reading and will perform music from various periods. Concert participation is required. (Note: 1 lecture credit; May be repeated for a maximum of three (3) credits.)
MUS 180 Band (1)
This course is an opportunity for the student who already has proficiency on a band instrument to participate in a large performing group. Music from various style periods is performed with emphasis on note reading, tone development, and musicianship. Concert participation is required. (Note: 1 lecture credit; May be repeated for a maximum of three (3) credits.)
MUS 181 Samoan String Band Ensemble (1)
This course is available to students through audition. It emphasizes Samoan string band performances particularly the ukulele, kitara (guitar), and selo (cello) as well as singing accompanied by these musical instruments. (Note: 1 lecture credit; May be repeated for a maximum of three (3) credits.)
MUS 187 Beginning Orchestra (1)
An introduction to the string instruments of the orchestra. Students will learn music from all style periods and will perform in concert. Emphasis placed on technique, instrument care, note reading, and tone production. (Note: 1 lecture credit; May be repeated for a maximum of three (3) credits.)
SPH 153 Introduction to Speech (3)
The techniques of organizing and delivering a wide variety of speeches. Major course work, consists of reading about speech, wording, preparation and presentation of student speeches. (Note: 1 lecture credit; May be repeated for a maximum of three (3) credits.)