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The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ASN) is designed to prepare students for the nursing profession. Students are given theoretical instructions and an opportunity to demonstrate clinical application of nursing skills as they prepare for entry level practice as registered nurses. The LPN transitioning to the ASN program or direct entry student without nursing experience are required to complete the General Education Requirements (GER) and pre-requisites listed for the ASN program, and co-requisites as specified. Furthermore, the ASN program is approved by the American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board that grants the graduate eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for the Registered Nurse (RN). The ASN program also provides the foundation for an off-island Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Successful completion of these Registry Examinations enables the nurse to practice in the United States accredited hospitals and Public Health agencies within American Samoa, as well as other U.S. territories.

Advising Sheets

Note: Advising sheets subject to change. Seek Assistance from your Academic Advisor prior to registration.

Degree Requirements

1 st General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
ENG 150 Introduction to Literature 3
ENG 151 Freshman Composition 3
SPH 153 Introduction to Speech 3
MAT 151 or higher Intermediate Algebra 3
NUR 100/100L Nurse Aide Training 6
Select one 1 credit course from the following options for a total of three (3) credit
ICT 150 Introduction to Computers
or 3
ICT 170 Microcomputer Applications
HIS 162 Pacific History 3
HIS 170 World Civilization 3
CHM 150/150L Chemistry I 4
Total Credits: 31

2 nd General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
ENG 250 Survey of Literature 3
BIO 255/255L Microbiology 4
ENG 251 Sophomore Composition 3
Total Credits: 10

Program Requirements

Class Description Credits
PHM 200 General Pharmacology 4
NUR 200/200L LPN Transitioning to registered Nursing 5
HEA 299 Health Science Practicum/Work Experience 2
PH 160 Introduction to Public Health 3
NUT 150 Nutrition 3
Select six to eight (6-8) credits from the following
ASL 150 American Sign Language
BIO 215/215L Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 255/255L Microbiology
CHM 151/151L Chemistry II 6-8
HEA 250 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
HSV 250 Survey of Substance Abuse Problems
PHM 200 General Pharmacology
Total Credits: 18-20

Total Credits

Class Credits
1 st Year General Education Requirements 31
2 nd Year General Education Requirements 15
Program Requirements 18-20
Total Credits: 64-66