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An Associate of Science Degree in Health Science is a general degree program which prepares students into a health related career. The curriculum includes a broad-based general education courses which allows students to continue studies in a specialized allied health area or a bachelor degree program. The health science program also prepares student with knowledge and skills to obtain immediate job entry into local employment force as a medical support staff or a community health worker.

Advising Sheets

Note: Advising sheets subject to change. Seek Assistance from your Academic Advisor prior to registration.

Degree Requirements

1 st General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
ENG 150 Introduction to Literature 3
ENG 151 Freshman Composition 3
MAT 151 Intermediate Algebra 3
HEA 140 Introduction to Health Occupations 3
HEA 150 Introduction to Health Science 3
HIS 150 American History I 3
HIS 162 Pacific History 3
PSY 150 Introduction to Psychology 3
ICT 150 Introduction to Computers 3
BIO 180/180L Biology I 4
Total Credits: 31

2 nd General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
SPH 153 Introduction to Speech 3
CHM 150/150L Chemistry I 4
BIO 181/181L Biology II 4
BIO 250/250L Anatomy and Physiology I 4
Total Credits: 15

Program Requirements

Class Description Credits
HEA 151 Medical Terminology 3
HEA 152 Standard First Aid and CPR 1
HEA 299 Health Science Practicum/Work Experience 2
PH 160 Introduction to Public Health 3
NUT 150 Nutrition 3
Select six to eight (6-8) credits from the following
ASL 150 American Sign Language
BIO 215/215L Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 255/255L Microbiology
CHM 151/151L Chemistry II 6-8
HEA 250 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
HSV 250 Survey of Substance Abuse Problems
PHM 200 General Pharmacology
Total Credits: 18-20

Total Credits

Class Credits
1 st Year General Education Requirements 31
2 nd Year General Education Requirements 15
Program Requirements 18-20
Total Credits: 64-66