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The Electronics program is designed to provide training for individuals interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems found in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Electrical training most of which is hands-on will include such topics as AC/DC theory, basic wiring practices, the National Electric Code and other subjects as local needs require. Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in the Electronics field as an on-the-job trained or apprentice, assisting in the layout, installation, and maintenance of electronic systems.

Advising Sheets

Note: Advising sheets subject to change. Seek Assistance from your Academic Advisor prior to registration.

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
ENG 150 Introduction to Literature 3
ENG 151 Freshman Compostion 3
SPH 153 Introduction to Speech 3
Total: 9
Information & Technology Literacy
ICT 150 Introduction to Computers 3
Total: 3
Critical Thinking
MAT 151 Intermediate Algebra 3
PHSCI 150/150L Physical Science 4
Total: 7
Global Awareness & Cultural Competence
Select one 3 credit course from the following options and HIS 162 for a total of six (6) credits
HIS 150 American History I 3
HIS 151 American History II 3
HIS 170 World Civilization I 3
HIS 171 World Civilization II 3
HIS 162 Pacific History
Total: 6
Personal Development & Responsibility
PSY 150 Introduction to Psychology 3
HEA 150 Introduction to Health Science 3
Total: 3
Total GER Credits: 28

Co-Foundational Requirements

Class Description Credits
ELE 151 Electronics 4
ELE 170 Consumers Electric 4
ELE 190 Digital Techniques 4
ELE 201 Communication Systems 4
ELE 299A Electronics Systems Practicum 4
Total Co-Foundational Requirement Credits: 20

Program Requirements

Class Description Credits
ETP 100 Basic Electronic Theory I 3
ETP 120 Basic Electronic Theory II 4
ETP 150 Residential House Wiring 5
ICT 155 IT Essentials 3
MAT 155 Vocational Technical Mathematics 3
Total Program Requirement Credits: 18

Total Credits

Class Credits
General Education Requirements 28
Co-Foundational Requirements 20
Program Requirements 18
Total Credits: 66