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Accounting is often called the language of business. The accounting program provides students with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to understand and explore the accounting cycle, concepts, principles, applications, and best ethical practices for business decision-making purposes. It assists students to work on developing communication, interpersonal, computational, leadership, and teamwork skills. This concentration prepares students or both entry and mid-level accounting jobs. In addition, student can pursue opportunities in teaching business education or choose to transfer to higher learning institutions to obtain more advance accounting degrees.

Advising Sheets

Note: Advising sheets subject to change. Seek Assistance from your Academic Advisor prior to registration.

Degree Requirements

1 st General Education Requirements

Class Description Credits
ENG 150 Introduction to Literature 3
ENG 151 Freshman Compostion 3
MAT 151 Intermediate Algebra 3
ICT 170 Microcomputer Applications 3
PHSCI 150/150L Physical Science 4
HIS 162 Pacific History 3
HIS 171 World Civilization II 3
ACC 150 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 103 Introduction to Business 3
Total Credits: 28

Total Credits

Class Credits
1 st Year General Education Requirements 28
Program Requirements 42
Total Credits: 70

Program Requirements

Class Description Credits
ACC 152A Payroll and Income Tax 3
ACC 210 Managerial Cost Accounting 3
ACC 220 Automated Accounting 3
ACC 230 Government and Noot-For-Profit Accounting 3
BUS 140 Entrepreneurship 3
BUS 150 Financial Math 3
BUS 160 Business Communications 3
BUS 170 Ethics in the Workplace 3
BUS 180 Applied Business Statistics 3
BUS 260 Business Law 3
ECON 150 Priniciples of Economics 3
BUS 250A Principles of Microeconomics 3
MGT 250 Principles of Management 3
Total Credits: 42