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The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide quality education in various areas of mathematics to support certificate and degree programs. The department offers courses that promote critical thinking and logical reasoning while developing and strengthening problem solving skills. The Math department is committed to prepare all students who lack basic math skills by offering developmental courses in arithmetic and introductory algebra. In addition, the department also offers courses in vocational technical math, college algebra and trigonometry, statistics and calculus to ensure that ASCC students acquire the necessary mathematical foundation for entry into the work force or for transferring to four-year institutions.

The Mathematics Department offers the following courses.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a general understanding of basic operations of real numbers and algebraic expressions to gain a solid foundation of basic mathematical concepts.
  2. Develop and demonstrate the basic computational skills in arithmetic and elementary algebra necessary to be successful in college level math.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to read, interpret, and construct tables, basic graphs, and linear equations.
  4. Use technology to practice, solve, and verify basic arithmetic problems and linear equations.
Community Advisory Council Chairperson and Faculty
Sofa’i Tuato’o Tunufai Leiato, Chairperson
Dr. Sreeni Panickar Sinaitaaga J. Mose, Faculty
Carol Ma;afala-Baqui Emau Tofilau, Faculty

Laau Liufau, Faculty
  Marston Porter, Faculty
  Avele Mata'utia, Faculty
  Amete Moefiainu, Faculty
  Anthony Felise, Faculty