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The Language and Literature Department offers intensive English writing courses aimed at developing and strengthening critical thinking and meeting proficient college level writing for effective communication. The writing courses focus on helping students become competent and skillful writers, using selective rhetorical strategies. In literature courses, students will evaluate and examine different culture and people through various genres of literary works. Literature students are to apply analytical and critical thinking in dissecting language and situation from literary works, which not only will help them become independent writers, but will strengthen their reading comprehension. The Language and Literature Department is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four- year college or university or to be a successful and contributing member of the modern work force.

The Language and Literature Department offers the following courses.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. GEO 1: B: Reading: Read effectively to comprehend, interpret, in many different situations.
  2. GEO 1: C: Writing: Write clearly, concisely and accurately in a variety of contexts and formats and for many audiences.
  3. Demonstrate active listening and speaking abilities;
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in clear and effective written communication
  5. Demonstrate improvement in reading skills focused on comprehending, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating printed texts.
Community Advisory Council Chairperson and Faculty
Mrs. Lua’ipou Maae Mr. Vesi Matu'u, Chairperson
Mrs. Lani Wendt Mrs. Jocelyn Siologa, Faculty
Mr. Justin Maga Mr. Ben Goodwin, Faculty
Mr. Elvis Zodiacal
Mr. Poe Mageo, Faculty
Ms. Monica Miller Mr. Jude Chun, Faculty