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CARP 100 Hand and Power Tools (3)
The focus of this course is to familiarize the students with (a) Hand Tools such as pliers, handsaw, hacksaw, T-square, tape measure, hammer, crowbar, and many other hand tools used in carpentry. (b)Power tools such as a table saw, miter saw, circular saw, drill, jointer, rotary hammer, and other power tools associated with carpentry and (c), safety with these tools and the workplace. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
CARP 120 Plans, Building Codes, and Specifications (3)
This course is designed to help a student how to read architectural drawings (plans) and correctly interpret the information found in written specifications. The students will be able to understand and align specifications with local and Federal building codes. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
CARP 150 Footings and Foundations (4)
Prerequisite: CARP 120
This course will present an overview of footings & foundations in construction. Explaining and identifying different layouts in footing and foundations. Students will prepare materials; calculate the cost for a building site, and layout a site with a transit, locating property lines and corners. Students calculate the amount of concrete needed for footing and foundation walls and construct different types of foundations and forms to distribute and displace the overall weight of a structure. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
CARP 160 Walls and Ceiling Framing (4)
Prerequisite: CARP 150
This course will examine how to build and frame walls. Wall framing is the assembling of vertical and horizontal members that form outside and inside walls of a structure. This frame supports the upper floors, ceilings and the roof. Students will learn the importance of sole plates, top plates, studs headers, and sheathing. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
CARP 170 Roofing Styles and Types (4)
Prerequisite: CARP 150
This course will identify the different types & styles of roofing and their purpose. Identifying and analyzing different architectural designs. Types of roofs covered in this course will include (a) Gable; two surface (b) Hip; Four surface (c) Flat; One surface roofs. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
CARP 180 Plumbing (4)
Prerequisite: CARP 150
This course is designed to identify the importance of plumbing in the building industry. Students will learn how to install, repair pipes, replace and cut different types of pipes and use different kinds of glues and waterproof adhesive. Students will also learn how to apply basic math principles in the application of these skills in areas of cost estimation, area and square footage and job calculations. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
CARP 200 Exterior and Interior Doors, Windows and Trim (4)
Prerequisite: CARP 150
This course is designed to select materials with confidence and build your homes to last. This course covers information on systems during the three stages of new construction: foundation, framing, and exterior finishing. You will learn about selection criteria, properties of materials, application techniques and the long-term performance of the respective systems. This course will teach students the right way to build small windows, screen doors and the proper method of installing doors, caulking application of windows and doors. Students will also learn the proper way of framing doors and windows and rough openings and custom doors and custom windows. Trim will be introduced at this course. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
CARP 220 Interior Floors and Finishes (5)
Prerequisite: CARP 200
This course covers terms and elements used in installing wood strip, wood plank, wood unit block, resilient vinyl, Quarry Tile, Mosaic Tile, and sheet vinyl floor coverings. It also covers installation, final floor finishes, and refinishing of floors. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 3 lab credits)
CARP 221 Cabinet Making (6)
Prerequisite: CARP 200
This course is designed to teach different types of layout, cutting, and assembling of various types of cabinets for residential, office or commercial use. Techniques in selecting appropriate materials and hardware for the construction, and units on estimating costs of construction are covered. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 4 lab credits)
CARP 270 Remodeling and Renovation (6)
Prerequisite: CARP 220
This course is designed to apply basic concepts of remodeling, calculation, and estimation of materials and machinery to be used and the sequence of events as a building project is made. Also included are the remodeling and renovation to make homes accessible in compliance with national and local codes and regulations. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 4 lab credits)