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ADT 140 House Wiring Elements (3)
(Formerly ADT 140 Residential House Wiring)
This course is designed to theoretically identify the elements of residential wiring, basic parallel and series circuits, safety standards and practices, lighting circuits, outlet circuits, fusing and circuit breaker installation, and two and three way switching. All wiring practices to meet National Electrical Code (NEC) standards will be covered throughout the course. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ADT 150 Architectural Drafting I (3)
This course is designed to introduce basic concepts of technical drawing. It will also cover perception theories, lettering, sketching techniques, use of drafting instruments, orthographic projection, basic dimensioning, and pictorial drawings. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ADT 160 Introduction to AutoCAD (3)
This course is designed as an introductory course to computer Aided Drafting designed for classroom instruction or self-study. Also provides complete instructions in Master AutoCAD commands. Lessons start with systematic instructions followed by exercises designed for practicing commands learned within the lessons. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ADT 190 Residential Planning & Designing (3)
Prerequisite: ADT 150
This course, which applies use of graphic standards, deals mainly with proper room layout techniques and building orientation in relation to the environment/ surroundings and climate. It also focuses on creating site plan for proposed project site using AutoCAD software. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ADT 210 Architectural Drafting II (5)
(formerly Architectural Drafting III)
Prerequisite: ADT 150
This course includes the theory and practice involved in producing and organizing drawings using Computer Aided Design techniques. Students are exposed to design layout and construction used in steel, concrete, masonry and wood systems. Independent research emphasized. All drawing is done using Computer Aided Design software. (Note: 4 lecture credits, 1 lab credit)
ADT 215 Construction Codes (3)
Prerequisite: ADT 140
This course explores the ramifications of codes on building projects. The student applies the materials of the course relating to zoning, building, and accessibility requirements (ADA) to drawing projects in the co-requisite course. This is a lecture, discussion, and exercise course. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
ADT 230 Advanced Architectural Drafting (4)
(formerly Architectural Drafting IV)
Prerequisite: ADT 150
This is an advanced architectural structural drafting course using wood, reinforced concrete, stone and structural engineering. Students gain practical experience in designing eight unit apartment buildings, specifications, estimating and architectural models. (Note: 3 lecture credits, 1 lab credit)
ADT 251 Electrical Designs (4)
Prerequisite: ADT 140
This course will help students majoring in Architectural Drafting to design electrical plans for local houses, draw electrical plans, understand electrical terms, use electrical symbols and notes, interpret GFCI and know how to use it, determine the total amount of VA for kitchen, dining, and garage; calculate each circuit, and do the calculation to determine the size of the house panel. (Note: 2 lecture credits, 2 lab credits)
ADT 260 Advanced AutoCAD (4)
Prerequisite: ADT 160
This course is designed specifically for students who wish to pursue Computer Aided Drafting and Design areas of study or who wish to gain employment in the field. Extensive hands-on practical drafting and design projects are undertaken by the student. (Note: 4 lecture credits)
ADT 280 Elements of Structural Drawing (3)
Prerequisite: ADT 160
This course is focused in practical and theoretical structural engineering procedures and testing through discussion and application forces, movement, deflection, tension, and mechanical advantage. (Note: 3 lecture credits)
BPR 200 Blueprint Reading I (3)
This course provides print reading experience in residential construction. Print reading fundamentals, construction materials, and light frame construction utilized in residential construction are covered in detail. (Note: 3 lecture credits)