Traditional Medicine, Fishing and Farming Activities

DV# 20, Demonstration of Traditional Samoan Medecine
1 hr ASCC ©August 1998.
Fofo, Ms Fagalima of Vatia demonstrates Samoan medicine. Shot by students as part of their Ethnographic Field School Program in Vatia.


SVHS# 162-163, Manu'a Ethnographic
3 hrs ©March 2001.
Vegetation and landscape. Medicinal preparation and interview, Craft Making, Traditional Stories. FSP sites in Olosega.

SVHS# 163, Medicinal Preparation and Interview (craft making, traditional stories) Olosega, Manu'a
2 hrs ASCC ©March 2001.
Shot by University of Hawaii graduate student Michael Wysong as part of his graduate research, copy donated to SSI for educational purposes.

DV# 211-222, Forestry 2004
(see also edited version “American Samoa Rainforest”). 12 hrs ASCC ©2002.
Project carried out for Forestry Division of ASCC CNR (Amanave Littoral, Malota Ridgezone & invasive species, Fagamalo coastal Zone.

Net Fishing

DV# 35-36, Land Grant Fish Farm 1999
(see edited version “Fish Farming In American Samoa”). 12 hrs ASCC ©1998.
Feeding the fish, shots of big eels, moving the cement. Use of water from fish farm to feed fish. Harbor shots showing pollution and erosion.

SVHS# 164, Community Fishing of Atule
1 hr ASCC © 2001.
The Traditional way of catching the Atule in Ofu.

Unedited Video Footage
Edited Video Programs