Traditional Arts (Tapa, weaving, house & boat making, tattoing etc...)

DV# 42, Production of O'a dye from O'a tree
20 mns ASCC ©1999.
Scraping of he bark of the O’a tree, and then squeezing the juice out of the bark shavings to produce the red/brown O’a dye used to create Mamanu designs on the siapo.


DV# 149, Summer Inst, Tacoma, Siapo Class
1 hr ASCC © 2001.
Depicts Samoan adults and children at ASCC’s. Samoan and Pacific Studies Sumner Institute in Tacoma Washington, learning about and gaining experience with making Mamanu design on siapo under instruction by American Samoan tapa artist, Marylyn Walker.

DV# 54-63 & VHS# 126-135, International Tatau Convention (Edited version available "Tatooing at the Sacred Center of the Earth")
8hrs ASCC © 1999.
This event brought together tattoo artists and enthusiasts from many countries around the world to share and learn about each other’s traditions, values, beliefs, and practices associated with tattooing, but especially to learn from and about Samoan tattooing. Complete video documentation of the five day event at its various locations throughout Samoa - Apia, Falealupo (Savai’i), Aleiapata (Upolu) despicting the various programs included the march of soaga’imiti and tattooed people, traditional Samoan tattooing and modern style tattooing, tattooing competitions, speeches, discussions, interviews with various participants, dances, ‘ava ceremony, soga’imiti and taupou competition (lauga, siva, aiaiuli, palu ‘ava. Very informative).

Traditional Arts

DV# 62-63, Interview with tufuga tatatau, Su'a Lesa Moli
1 hr 23 mins ASCC © Oct 1999.
ASCC Anthropology students interview the Lesa Moli about his heritage as a descendant of the Su’a line of tattoo masters, and learn from him about the cultural and historically significant points of traditional Samoan tattooing. An ASCC educational activity conducted at ASCC’s faletalimalo. Very informative.

Edited Video Programs
Unedited Video Footage