4. Samoan Social / Political Structures / Religion

4.1. Ein Neur Tag in Paradies
28 min. Westdeutsher Rundfunk Productions © 1999.
An overview of American Samoa, produced for German T.V. Feature Reggie Meredith, Tuna Canneries, Samoan medicine,buses arrival of tourists on tourist ship, radio station. (Narration in German only)

Samoan Social / Political Structures / Religion

4.4. A Chief in Two Worlds
52 min. Micah Van der Ryn © 1991
Focussing on the trans-nationalization of Samoan matai System. This ethnographic documentry follows the story of Taituave John Hunkin, a Los Angeles based Samoan, and his return to Samoa to receive a chieftain title. This video uses a case study to show how this indigenous political system has been trans-nationalized. It shows how the system works in the Samoan village context, the challenges it faces within the urban American context, and how it may still be helping the community and culture to survive. Produced as part of a masters in Visual Athropology Degree at University of California.

Samoan Culture

4.5. Samoan Justice
28 min. Hawaii Public Television. © 1988
This program focusses on the ifoga – Samoan ritual for restoring social harmony after a serious offence has been committed by a member of one family to a member of another family. Features an ifoga in Hawaii, scenes from American Samoa - Fagasa village, Aoa village and from Manono Island inWestern Samoa. Addresses cultural issues of Samoan migrant adaptation to living in Oahu, Hawaii.

4.7. O le OO o le Ao o Le Malo — O le Afi Tunu a le Tupu ma le Vaa o Salelesi
30 min. English / Samoan commentary
Tiapapata Arts Center. © 2007

4.8. (PAL –DVD)
Tiapapata Arts Center. © 2007
1 - Pule Melei (star-mound)
2 –Lolo Sa
3 –Fono Ma Aitu
4 - Fafano

4.9. Inauguration of Tupua Efi Tamasese
1 hr. 15 min. SBC TV One © 2008
A live broadcast of the inauguration of Head of State of the government of the independent Samoa.

4.10. Tu'umalo le Tapa'au Fa'asisina Susuga Malietoa
2 hr. KVZK TV, American Samoa © 2007
Documents the formal funeral ceremony of the late Head of State of Samoa, Malietoa Tanumafili II June, 2007.

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