Samoan Fishing / Agriculture / Food

8.1. Mataifee
19 min. James Gurr Production. © 2003. (Traditional Octopus lure.)
This film, by James Gurr weaves together an interview with master Samoan octopus fisherman, High Chief Taumua Aloese, discussing the traditional Samoan octopus lure, how it is made, how it is used, the legend behind the lure, and the behavior of octopuses – together with footage of actually making and using the lure to catch octopus. Samoan songs about the legend of the octopus and the rat accompany the video. Beautifully shot and edited. Holds great interest, and is an important record of this Samoan tradition.


8.2. Lau Atule i Ofu
15 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2001
(Traditional Communal Fishing in Ofu) From creating the stone weir and the “lau” to the final distribution of fish, this ethnographic video shows the traditional communal method of fishing atule (mackerel) using a stone weir and coconut fronds tied in a long string with hibiscus bark fiber in Ofu Village, Manu’a. The video shows how the event involves the cooperation of the whole village and also includes documentation of Ofu’s system of distributing the catch to the whole community. Several local elders provide the necessary explanations and commentary. A valuable record of a traditional fishing method that requires community wide cooperation.

8.3. Fish farming in American Samoa
20 min. ASCC Land Grant Agriculture Extension and Samoan Studies Inst. © 1999
(Tilapia Aquaculture) Based on documentation and interview footage of Alosina’s Tilapia fish farm in Onenoa, American Samoa, this informative video explains the value and methods of creating a fish farm in American Samoa. Alosina’s fish farm is one of the first in American Samoa.

8.4. Palolo Enu Making
10 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 1999
Student produced by Janis Vele for ASCC course ANT 220. Janis and her classmates travel to Upolu to shoot this video which compares making a palolo net from the laua’a (coconut fiber) and other local materials, and a more modern net made from mosquito netting. The video also includes views of catching the palolo.


8.5. Samoa ma lana Moana
57 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2007
A composite video of 5 short videos about Samoan connections to their ocean. This program contains “Lau Atule i Ofu”, “Palolo Time”, “Palolo Enu”, “Ma’ata’ife’e”, and the legend of “Turtle and Shark”.


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