9. Samoan Environment and Science



9.4. The Stream Team
15 min. CNR Water Quality Program and Samoan Studies Inst.© 2004
This video promotes the importance of maintaining water quality in American Samoa’s streams. It depicts the general public’s perception and understanding about the importance of water quality and then shows CNR water quality control team in action sampling stream waters and organisms, measuring water quality and also researching the aquatic animals that live in our streams. The video explains the methods used to study the water and the fish and other wildlife found in the streams. The video is both educational and entertaining.

9.5. Water Cycle in American Samoa
3 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 1999
From clouds, to rain, to streams, run off, seepage to water tables, pumps, human uses, the sea, and evaporation - this video uses visuals, natural sound and English inter-titles to illustrate the water cycle in American Samoa, communicating the need to protect this vital resource.

9.6. Our Islands, Our Resources, Our Future
30 min. © American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency
This video, stars Salani Ainu’u and Joy Vai as they take us around American Samoa, discussing and showing us various types of environmental issues and what we can do about these problems. Visual, educational and personable, this program should motivate young American Samoans to take an interest in caring for their environment and natural resources.


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