10 Samoa & Pacific / Contemporary Issues

Samoa & Pacific

10.4. 8th Festival of Pacific Arts, New Caledonia
118 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2000
The first thirteen minutes gives an overview of the festival, it’s purpose and activities, highlighting the arts and cultures of participating Pacific Island countries, particularly the host country – New Caledonia. The second section follows activities and performances of American Samoa’s Delegation.

10.5. Dances of Life
58 min. Pacific Islanders in Communications PIC © 2005
Features the dances and associated island cultures of Samoa, Maori (Aotearoa - New Zealand), Palau, and the Kanak of New Caledonia. Made for T.V. PBS, this documentary, explores the meanings dance brings to the lives and societies of different Pacific peoples in the contemporary context. Features footage shot at the 8th Festival of Pacific Arts in New Caledonia and the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts in Palau. Interviews with the various Pacific Islanders involved in the dances gives the film more personal feeling and interest. PIC © 2005.

Pacific Culture

10.6. Religion in the South Seas
28 min. Films for the Humanities and Sciences. © 1995
(Religion, Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu). A 3-part program.

Part 1: A Tale from Western Samoa – "A Man Named Pio". The story of the young Samoan who became the first native cardinal in the South Pacific. As a result of Pio’s many innovations, traditional dress and ceremonial dancing and singing have become part of his church.

Part 2: A Tale from the Cook Islands. “Twilight of the Gods”.> Missionaries in the 18th century sought to apply a narrower view of Christianity on Cook Islanders. This program reconstructs scenes of the past to tell the story of two young native people who defied the Blue Law of the missionaries.

Part 3: A Tale from Vanuatu – The “Kleva Man” – one of those gifted people elsewhere known as seers, high priests, shamans or wise men; here we observe Aviu, who uses his powers to heal the sick, mend failing marriages, and fix broken machines.

Samoa & Pacific

10.7. Laulima: Working Together
29 min. Consortium for Pacific Arts & Culture. © 1995
This documentary features several artists, including Rudy Steffany and Tony Hema in American Samoa, who produce beautiful art in spite of their physical disabilities. An inspiring film giving testimony to the human spirit to overcome physical obstacles and to create beauty.

10.8. Tagata Pasefika, Program #4
29 min. New Zealand T.V. © 1997.
Tahiti was the first Pacific Island to receive the Christian gospel in 1797. Two hundred years later the island celebrates the bicentennial of Christianity arrival in Tahiti and the Pacific. Various groups from other islands (including Cook Islanders and Samoans) join the celebration. The program provides historical and cultural background while following the 1997 celebration in Tahiti. Includes interviews with participants, particularly with Samoan and Cook Islands, as well as provide historical and cultural background information in the narration.

10.9. Living on Islands
48 min. Victoria Keith Production © 1997
This video presents Hawaiians expressing their feeling about contemporary changes in life, culture and human relationships to the land. They also talk about their struggles to survive and revive their culture and traditions.

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