Saili Le Atamai - An ASCC Televised Series in Partnership with KVZK-TV

Each ¾” tape contains 30mins Program.) Saili Le Atamai Program is ASCC’s weekly TV program where each ASCC department gets the chance to talk about the programs they offer. Hosted by SAMPAC director HC Pulefaasisina T.

R-1, College Mission and Overview
30 mn. ASCC June 27th, 2000

R-2, Land Grant Programs
ASCC May 14th, 1999

R-3, Panel Discussion with Archaeologist Dr Wolf
ASCC May 18th, 1999

R-4, Math & Science Departments
ASCC May 18th, 1999

ASCC Televised Series

R-5, Samoa and Pacific Studies Programs (SAMPAC)
ASCC May 18th, 1999

R-6 & VHS# 432, SAMPAC Oral History Project Part# 1
ASCC May 28th, 1999

R-7, SAMPAC Oral History Project Part# 2
ASCC June 11th, 1999

R-8, Entomology (The Breadfruit Mealy Bug)
ASCC June 6th, 1999


R-9, Language & Literature Departments
ASCC June 6th, 1999

R-10, Miss ASCC Pageant 1999 Part# 1
ASCC June 5th, 1999

R-11, Miss ASCC Pageant 1999 Part# 2
ASCC June 25th, 1999

R-12, Art, Music & Drama Departments
ASCC July 9th, 1999

R-13, Health & Human Service
ASCC July 13th, 1999

R-14, Staff development
ASCC October 1st, 1999

ASCC Televised Series

R-15, College Life Plan
ASCC July 13th, 1999

R-16, Criminal Justice Department
ASCC October 29th, 1999

R-18, ASCC Accreditation
ASCC, 1999

R-19, A Tour of the ASCC Campus
ASCC, 1999

R-20, Social Science Department
ASCC December 1st, 1999

R-21, Economic Task Force
ASCC January 1st, 2000

R-22, 30th Anniversary of ASCC part# 1
ASCC February 2nd, 2000

R-23, 30th Anniversary of ASCC part# 2
ASCC February 2nd, 2000

R-24, Trade and Industry
ASCC March 3rd, 2000

R-25, Discussion of'Ava
ASCC March 15th, 2000

R-26, Samoan Language Survey
ASCC March 20th, 2000


R-27, Adult Education
ASCC March 24th, 2000

R-28, A Special from Oceanside
ASCC July 2000

R-29, Families, 4-H Nutrition
ASCC 2000

R-30, Criminal Justice Department
ASCC 2000

R-31, Faasao Le Si'osi'omaga
ASCC January 1st, 2001

R-32, Carving, handicraft, Artist
ASCC April 5th, 2002

R-33, GED Program
ASCC February, 2002

R-34, JROTC Program
ASCC 2002


R-35, Agriculture & Natural Resources in American Samoa
ASCC February 2nd, 2001

R-36, Land Grant harbor Week
ASCC November 9th, 2001

R-37, Show & sell
ASCC 2001

R-38, Archaeology Field School in Malaeloa
ASCC October 26th, 2001

R-39, Electronic Department
ASCC 2001


R-50, Small Business Program
ASCC October 9th, 2001

R-51, Student Services, April 5th
ASCC, 2002

Opening "Saili Le Atamai"
ASCC 2.5 mn montage of ASCC Activities

Unedited Video Footage
Edited Video Programs