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Overseas Samoan Community

DC# 97-108, ASCC Oceanside Malaga
12 hrs ASCC ©July 2000.
Over 100 ASCC staff and students were on this ASCC Malaga to participate in Oceanside, California’s Samoan Sister City Celebration. The College both marched and performed in the event, side by side with any other groups. Also depicted is the opening of a Samoan traditional art (finemats, tapa, tatau, plus other) exhibit “Worn with Pride” at Oceanside Museum of Art. Included in the footage is also other events, including an interdenominational Samoan church service, footage of an interview with Samoan American identity, and much more, part of a mini ethnographic study. (see also edited program).


DV# 140-155, Tacoma Summer Institute
16 hrs ASCC ©June 2001.
Samoan and Pacific Studies organized and led this project to take Samoan studies to the Samoan community of Tacoma, Washington, to promote awareness, knowledge and appreciation of Samoan culture, history, language and arts. The three week program was largely held at Pierce Junior College. An interview with the president of the College about her support for the program is included with this footage, together with all the various activities that took place with Samoan community members of all ages.

Overseas Samoan Community ASCC Students

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