Life History/Interviews

Life histories are one of the important means of learning history, whereby elders’ memories of their own lives are tapped to gain understandings about past events, ways of life, customs, beliefs as they were experienced by these individuals. Students conducted some of these life history interviews as part of the Ethnographic Field School in Vatia in 1998. Some others were conducted as part of the American Samoa Oral History Project in 1999.

VHS# 110, Susunu and his mother in law, Vatia
38mins ASCC © 1998.

Life History

DV# 22, Sven Ortquist
1hr ASCC © 1999.

DV# 10, Gaoteote Tapatonu, Vatia
1hr 20mins ASCC © 1998.

DV# 18-19, Vaifanua Seetia, Vatia
2 hrs ASCC © 1998.


SVHS# 165, DV# 42, Marylin Walker
1:30mins ASCC © 1998.

DV#23, Lauti Simona, Amalau (Part of Vatia)
48mins ASCC © 1998.

DV# 24, Faitete Tuiolemotu, Vatia
1hr ASCC © 1998.

Seth Galae'i

DV#20, VHS# 105, Faaseseloto, Aunu'u
45mins ASCC © 1998.

VHS# 108, Iva Masaniai, Vatia
15mins ASCC © 1998.

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