Community & Natural Resources

VHS# 101-102, Piggery 1999
1 hr ASCC ©1997.
Land Grant officers show steps of “How to make a safe piggery that will qualify for USDA policies”.

VHS# 305, Forestry "Shoreline Stabilization" Program
1 hr ASCC ©1997.

Community & Natural Resources

DV# 157-158, 4-H Program
2 hrs ASCC ©2001.
Day Care Certificate Award presentation.

SVHS# 318, Taro Lecture ASCC Land Grant
<1 hr ASCC ©1997.
Lecture on Taro plant.

DV# 271, 4-H CNR Closing Program
1 hr ASCC © 2003.
Displays student work of Samoan arts and crafts, giving prizes etc….at ASCC Auditorium.

DV# 132-138, Arbor Week
7 hrs 2001.
An annual program of CNR Forestry, visiting schools, teaching students knowledge and values about plants and trees, getting them involved, tours of CNR, and final student presentations at the closing ceremony.

DV# 284, 4-H Closing Programs
1 hr ASCC © 2004.
at ASCC Auditorium.

DV# 357-358, 4-H CNR Closing Programs
1 hr ASCC © 2004.
at ASCC Auditorium.

DV# 223, CNR Agricultural Experiment of Taro and Beans & Pacific Education Conference
1 hr ASCC ©2002.
Dr. Frederick Wanjau Agricultural experiment of Taro and beans mix., shows and explaining the experiment.Samoan cultural Exhibits, demonstrations and interviews with participants from all over the Pacific.


DV# 165, ASCC Show & Sell
1 hr ASCC ©2001.
Agriculture show under CNR and dept Agriculture.

DV# 132-138, Arbor Week, November 2001
7 hrs ASCC ©2000.
Footage of educational programs at Land Grant and at various schools throughout Tutuila.

SVHS# 306-316, Samoan Medicine and Traditional Plant Worshop
22 hrs ASCC ©Dec 1997.
Conducted by Ethno-botanist Dr Art Whistler. Shows the lectures and tours of plants. Participants learn to identify various plants and their uses.

Unedited Video Footage
Edited Video Programs