1. ASCC Programs and Activities.

1.1. Weaving Values Past, Present, Future
15 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 1998
Informational program highlighting four ASCC Title III Programs:
(1) Anthropology Project
(2) Marine Science
(3) Technology
(4) Critical Thinking and Life Planning


1.2. American Samoa Community College Profile
12 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2005
(Additional longer versions are available) Specifically produced for Western Schools and Colleges Accreditation Commission (WASC),this video gives an overview of ASCC, its student demographics, community context, academic programs and goals.

1.3. The Rock
19 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2005
This student produced video is a plea and invitation to Seiuli “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson to visit American Samoa and ASCC College to speak at a graduation event – to inspire students to pursue higher education.

1.4. Art Photography in Samoa: Outsiders' View of the Past and Insiders' View of the Present
12 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. ASHPO and Polynesian Photo Archives © 2005
A short documentary about ASCC photography students in their assignment to:
a) articulate their reactions to 100-year-old outsider’s photographs of Samoa; and
b) shoot photos of how they wish to represent Samoa today.
Students explain their photos and their reactions. Historic and new photos are contrasted.
A useful video for generating classroom discussion about the issues of “representation”.


1.5. The Umu
8 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst.© 1998
ANT 160, Ethnographic Field Methods in Spring 1998, this video is an exercise in ethnographic video production, using the making of an Umu at the Land Grant at ASCC. The four students document and explain the steps in making an Umu, and in conclusion talk about what they learned also about developing good video ethnography skills.

1.6. ASCC Siva for Governor's Togiola's Inauguration Ceremony
32 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 1998
Faculty and Staff of the American Samoa Community College perform their Siva for Governor Togiola’s inauguration ceremony at the Veteran’s Stadium at Tafuna, American Samoa. Jo-Ann Toilolo, the Miss ASCC at that time, performs the Taualuga. Produced with both KVZK-TV and Samoan Studies Inst. footage.

1.7. ASCC Marching Band Flag Day 2005
5.39 min. KVZK TV. @ 2005
Scene of ASCC marching Band, Staff Members and Students in the American Samoa Flag Day Parade.

1.8. ASCC Club Rally
40 min. Samoan Studies Inst. © 2003
Hosted by ASCC SGA, introduction of different ASCC clubs, at the Auditorium. Lui Paulo was the SGA President, mostly consists of dances (Samoan siva, hip hop and other forms).

Programs and Activities

1.10. Battitude - An ASCC Play
1 hr. Samoan Studies Inst. © 2002
This play is about a group of ASCC students who find themselves lost in the forest, and listening to a group of Pe’a (fruit bats) teaching them the lessons of life through various Samoan legends. (Some of the audio is not audible.) Play directed by ASCC Drama Instructor, Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff,

1.13. "Polynesian Homeland" Archaeology Conference
45 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2006
A week long “working conference” hosted by ASCC, November 27 –30, 2006. Archaeologists studying Polynesian archaeology came to discuss various research issues. This edited DVD presents only the ASCC welcoming ‘ava ceremony (16 min) and dinner with introductions and entertainment.


1.14. Mozart Requiem Concert Art Performance
1 hr. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst © 2002
This special event on December 18, 2002 involved the ASCC Choir’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem under direction of ASCC music instructor Namalau’ulu Dr. Paul Pouesi, while three artists of the community, including ASCC Fine Arts Instructor, Ms. Reggie Malala, painted large size visual impressions inspired by the music. These paintings were auctioned as part of an ASCC fundraiser.

1.15. ASCC Oceanside Malaga
1 hr. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst.© 2001
Documents the 2001 ASCC Oceanside Malaga, which occurred upon invitation from the city of Oceanside's mayor when he attended the American Samoa Stamp dedication in Utulei in 2000. This video follows the activities and participants of the Malaga, including the performances in the Oceanside sister city celebration (Pago Pago is the sister city of Oceanside).

1.16.ELI 90 Broadcasting
48 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2005
Students from ASCC's English Language Institute interview teachers, staff and ASCC President Dr Adele Satele Galea'i regarding educational issues at ASCC.

1.17. NSPA 'Ava Ceremony
1 hr. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2000
This ‘ava ceremony, performed at ASCC, was conducted to welcome the new Superintendent of the American Samoa National Park. Narrated in English by Epi Suafoa, archaeologist, NSPA (National Park Service American Samoa).

1.18. America Samoa Workshop Thank You Video
6 min. Pacific Islanders in Communications © 2010
Features interviews with video production participants highlighting the value of the workshop for them, with shots of the workshop.

1.19. Marine Biology Television
1hr. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2006.
ASCC Marine Science students set up and acted out a television scene, where they reported the damage to coral reefs and ocean species caused by trash and more.

1.20. Final Review Bilingual Guide to Understanding Cancer Related Terminologies in English and Samoan
42 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2008
Samoan Studies Institute joined together with the Cancer Division of LBJ hospital to translate cancer terms for the people of Samoa to understand more about cancer. This video documents the review panel held at the Tradewinds Hotel to finalize the Samoan translations in this book on medical and cancer related terms produced by Samoan Studies Institute.

1.21. ASCC Samoan Studies Institute Infomercial (Samoan and English Versions)
5 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst © 2009
This video describes Samoan Stduies Institute's goals, objectives and show cases some of the Institute's activities, (a more recent version of this video is available).

1.22. SSI Congratulates Manu Samoa 7's
4 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2009
The National Samoa 7's team visited American Samoa as an invitation from the American Samoa Governor, Tulafono. While the team is on island tour, Samoan Studies Institute cheerfully greets them beside the road.

1.24. O le Fala e Lalaga Pea (Continue Weaving the Mat)
20 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2009
TAOA/ASCC To'omaga (weaving group) learn first hand how to weave baskets, table mats and other handicrafts under the guidance of Taulapapa Si'ia'e, a master weaver from Savai'i. The main project was to weave baskets from laufala to give to PEO 2009 Conference participants hosted by ASCC. This video shows how these women weave those baskets, including also interviews with them about the experience and the need of passing on knowledge of Samoan traditional crafts to the next generation. The tsunami of September 2009, which is also highlighted in the video occured during the process, and the conference was postponed for a later month.

1.26. Faata'ita'iga Alofi Sa a Tamaiti Aoga a le Kolisi Tuufaatasi o Amerika Samoa
33 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2010.
The "Alofi Sa" was conducted by the ASCC students under the instruction of orator chief Tele'ai C. Ausage and orator chief Nunuimalo A. Toleafoa.

1.27. Highlights of ASCC Ava Welcome for WASC / Special Reception for Parent and High School Football Players
22 min. ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2010
A special gathering for the WASC team to meet parents and Samoan Football Players at the ASCC Lecture Hall and viewing of video about Samoan students at college in California.

Edited Video Programs