ASCC Workshops, Conferences & Forums

SVHS# 306-313, Samoan Medicinal and Traditional Plant Workshop
8hrs 43mins ASCC ゥ1997.
Taught by Art Whistler, participants were introduced to how important native plants are to the people, especially when it comes to medicine.

VHS# 315, American Samoa Humanities Council (ASHC) & Pacific History Teachers' Workshop
1hr 48mins ASCC ゥ1997.
American Samoa Community College and Department Of Education instructors conduct Pacific and Samoan history workshop sponsored by the ASHC.

Workshops, Conferences & Forums

3/4 in. #45-48, Workshops for Teaching Samoan History in Classroom
3 hrs KVZK-TV ゥ 1998.
- held at ASCC, includes forum with Dr. Malama Meleisea.

SVHS# 320, Domestic Violence Workshop
3 hrs 48 mins ASCC ゥ1998.
Question and answer session following panel (low quality).

R# 45-48, Forum: Teaching Samoan History in Classroom with Dr Malama Meleisea
4 hrs Ftgs ASCC ゥ1998.
Dr. Malama Meleisea is a professor and also the author of the Samoan History Class text book called Lagaga: A Short history of Samoa.

DV# 25, Dr Malama Meleisea at Faculty Meeting
1hr ASCC ゥ1998.
Meeting with Dr. Meleisea and ASCC faculty.

DV# 483-504, 9th Fale'ula o Fatua'iupu o le Gagana Samoa 2008
22 hrs ASCC ゥ2008.
9th Fale置la conference was hosted by Itulagi o Kalefonia, California USA. Included in these raw footage are: 'ava fe段loa段, panel discussions / presentations.

DV# 359-378, Fale'ula o Fatua'iupu o le Gagana Samoa (Commission 5 days conference)
20 hrs ASCC ゥ 2005.
Hosted by the local American Samoa itulagi/chapter of Fale置la o Fatua段置pu. Begins with lotu on Sunday, 'ava ceremony Monday and Commissioner痴 meeting & itulagi reports. Thereafter Samoan papers, seminars and panel discussions. Excellent resources in the vernacular.


VHS# 329-330, Samoan Language Focus Commission
4 hrs ASCC ゥ1998.
Discussion of Samoan Language with leaders from different government departments.

VHS# 324-328, American Samoa Economic Development Commission
10 hrs ASCC ゥ1997.

SVHS# 324-328, American Samoa Economic Development Commission Hearing
7 hrs ASCC ゥ 2000 March 4, 9th, 17th, 28th).
AS Economic Development Commission Hearing with Government Departments at CNR Conference room.

DVC# 12-13, Panel Discussion on Tatau
1 hr ASCC ゥ2003.
The panel was part of Launching of 鉄KIN STORIES for Pacific Islanders in Communications.

DV# 402-405, Ocean Management Forum
3hrs 55 mins ASCC ゥ2005.
American Samoa Community College, Department of Commerce, Marine and Wild Life, Fagatele Bay Marine Reserved participate in Ocean Management Forum about American Samoa Environmental Issues.

DV# 520 - 524 Outreach Program Presentation at Kanana Fou Congregrational Church.
1.5 hr ASCC @ 2009.
July 2009. Part of SSI goal is to increase community awareness of SSI services through its outreach program. During the 2009 LMS Youth Summer Camp, SSI took its outreach program to CCAS Kanana Fou (centre for the Congregational Church of American Samoa), to promote and to rncourage the youth to maintain their interest in Samoan culture and language. Samoan instructor Mrs. Tamari M. Cheung, SSI Outreacg program Coordinator Mr. Nunuimalo A.Toleafoa, and SSI Cultural Artist, Patrick Mafoe all made special presentation, using power-point.

DV# 525 - 531, ASCC - TAOA To'omaga Workshop
6 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
Aug. / July 2009. Content: Workshop, preparation of laufala, making of Afa, making of ako launiu. Elderly wpmen and men from TAOA ASCC toomaga (weaving group under the leadership of a master weaver, Taulapapa Si'ia'e, from Savai'i, prepare laufala (pandanus) for weaving and then weave the basket. SSI workshop for ASCC students, staff and faculty are conducted with the TAOA elders to increase knowledge and awareness in this area. Interviewa are conducted with the TAOA participants regarding their thoughts and feeling about the program. An edited video programcalled O LE FALA E LALAGA PEA shows the project, includeding some interview of the elderly from TAOA program (see Edited Program, under Samoan Art, Music and Dance sextion)

DV# 546 - 547 ASCC Forum for 4th Constitutional Convention.
2 hrs ASCC @ 2010.
August 2010. Hosted by ASCC SGA where discussion and question where asked and answered by American Samoa Governor, Governor Togiola Tulafono.

Edited Video Programs
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