ASCC Special Events

SVHS# 175, Golden Jubilee of Fono: Speeches
1hr 15mins ASCC ©1998.
Samoan Speeches / Samoan poem as part of the Golden Jubilee of Fono at ASCC auditorium by ASCC students.

DV# 109-111, ASVV 30th Anniversary
3 hrs ASCC ©2000.
Includes various divisions of the College Marching , ‘Ava Ceremony and other.

Special Events

DV# 175, Job Coach Program
1 hr ASCC ©2001.
Students from Matafao Special Education  learn job skills on campus coached by American Samoa Community College students.

DV# 171, ASCC Business Class Project at Polynesian Airlines
30 mins ©2001.
Business Student Class Project, interview of Vaito’a Hans (Polynesian Airline Area Manager) at Tafuna International airport.

DV# 227-230, WASC team Visit to ASCC
2 hrs ASCC ©2002.
Tour on ASCC Campus .

DV# 243-246, Dedication of New Library
3hrs 40 mins ASCC ©2003.
Opening of ASCC New Library Building by Governor Tauese Pita Sunia.


3/4 in. #52 & 53, Territorial Christmas Caroling
2 hrs KVZK-TV ©2002.
American Samoa Government Departments Christmas Caroling.

R# 42-43, ASCC President Installation & Groundbreaking for New Library
2 hrs ASCC ©2002.
Ground Breaking for ASCC New Library and installation of Dr. Adele Satele Galea’i as ASCC President.

DV# 471, Review Panel for Cancer Translation
1 hour ASCC ©2009.
Doctors and Nurses from LBJ Cancer Program participate in panel to review the final draft of Cancer terms translated by ASCC SSI in partnership with LBJ at Tradewind Hotel.

DV# 401, ASCC Graduation 2004
1hr 30mins ASCC ©2004.
Also available in reel in DVCAM Section .

DV# 470, Launching of the Bilingual English & Samoa Cancer Book
1 hr ASCC ©2009.
Launching of the Bilingual Cancer Terms from English to Samoan Translation at Tradewind Hotel.

DV# 477, Farewell to the Preparation Team from WASC
48 mins ASCC ©2008.
ASCC SSI students performed as part of the ASCC farewell ceremony to the preparation team from WASC.

Special Events

DV# 478-479, WASC Team Visited ASCC
2 mins ASCC ©2009.
ASCC Students welcome the WASC team with an Ava ceremony, included in the footage is the WASC team presenting their report, and Aiava presented by the Samoan Studies Institute’s students.

DV# 511-513, Launching of two SSI Books, Ua Tala le Taui, O le Uta a le Tualasea Samoa
2 mins ASCC ©2009.
Ua Tala le Taui is the myths and legends of villages in American Samoa. Ole Uta a le Taulasea Samoa, Samoan healers describing their expertise (Fofo Samoa).

DV# 514-515, Mayor of Honolulu, Mufi Hannanman, as Guest Speaker of ASCC Spring Graduation 2009
3 mins ASCC ©2009.
Elected Mayor of Honolulu Muli Ufi Hannanman’s speech during the graduation and ASCC ‘ava ceremony performed by SSSI.

DV# 331-332, Siva Practice for Inauguration of the American Samoa Governor
1 hr 48 mins ASCC ©2005.
Siva practise for ASCC employees and students of ASCC.

DV# 333-334, Inauguration of American Samoa Elected Governor
2 hrs ASCC ©2005.
ASCC performed @ the inauguration of Governor Togiola Tulafono and Lt Ipulasi Sunia.

DV# 513 - 515 SSI Book launching TALA LE TAUI & UTA O LE TAULASEA
3 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
Members and leaders of the community, as well as ASCC administrators attend this Samoan Studies Institute launching of these two new production yhtough research of SSI. The event took place at the ASCC fale Samoa, books were distributed as gifts, food was served, speeches made, and Samoan dance entertainment by students provided.

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