ASCC Drama, Concerts, Pageants & Other Performances

DV# 64-66, Christmas Play
2 hrs 38 mins ASCC ©1999.
ASCC Special Choir acted out part of the Christmas nativity story, as part of ASCC celebrations for Christmas.

Drama, Concerts, Pageants & Other Performances

SVHS# 210, House 200
1 hr 11mins ASCC ©1998.
ASCC Drama Class perform on stage as part of their final exam under the instruction of Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff.

VHS# 213, Sina: The Samoan Cinderella
30 mins ASCC ©2003. English 90 Project.
Based on the English version of Cinderella, the ASCC students of English 90, performed how two young teenagers fell in love. As in the story of Cinderella, the Stepmother refuses to allow Cinderella to go to the Ball. The Samoan Cinderella also has a happy ending.

VHS# 220, Pete Smith's Story
30mins ASCC ©2003.
An English 90 Project. This is a story about Pete Smith, a young Samoan man once involved in drugs and who later became a role model for other youth. It was acted and filmed by the students as a project.

Music Performances

DV# 505-507, Fiddler on the Roof
3 hrs ASCC ©July 2008.
ASCC Dramatic performance, Directed by ASCC Drama Instructor Carmella Gallace.

SVHS# 211, ASCC Concert
1 hr ASCC ©1998.
ASCC Musical concert under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Baker.


DV# 195, Samoan Religious Songs Concert
1 hr ASCC ©2002.
ASCC Special Choir performed a singing concert under the direction of Namulau’ulu Dr. Paul Pouesi and HC Pulefa’asisina Tuiasosopo. The MC of the day was Mrs. Repeka Nu’usa.

DV# 287-288, Evening of Classical Music Traditional and Religious of Samoa, 2004
2 hrs ASCC ©2004.
An Evening of Music at Fatuoaiga Cathedral in memory of Late Governor of American Samoa, Tofa Tau’ese Sunia. Choir from Koluse Pa’ia Leone, LMS Church from the village of Vatia and the ASCC choir, under the direction of Namulau’ulu Dr. Paul Pouesi and High Chief Pulefaasisina Tuiasosopo. The Master of Ceremony was Mrs. Monica Miller.

Drama Performances

DV# 240-243, Mozart Requiem/Fine Arts Concert
4 hrs ASCC ©2004.
Under the direction of Namulau’ulu Dr. Paul Pouesi, ASCC Special Choir performed the Mozart Requiem while Ms Regina Meredith and two other local artists showcased their talent. As a result of this performance, the art was auctioned by ASCC towards the funds for the new library.

SVHS# 224, ASCC SGA Lu'au 2000
2 hrs ASCC © 2001.
ASCC Fundraising as part of SGA Event. Students performed Samoan and other Polynesian dancing.

DV# 187-189, Matai Ambassadors
3 hrs ASCC © 2002.
Matai Ambassadors is an ASCC Dance group set up to perform as part of ASCC’s fundraising activities. This was spearheaded by the Institutional Advancement office under the directorship of Mata’u.

DV# 543 - 545, Samoan Day
3 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
November 2009. Performances by students of Samoan Studies for the semester. Theme: FAAALIGA O FATI ESEESE O LE GAGANA SAMOA. Performances: Solo Ava, tauloto ma taaloga a tamaiti Samoa, Solo: Talitonuga eseese i le afuaga o le gagana Samoa, tauloto saunia faaonoponei, tini o manaia, tautalaga le saunia, saafiafiaga Setema 29, 2009. Tala o le alagaupu: Manava o Mailei'a, Lagi maliu.

1.9. Nafanua - An ASCC Play
1 hr Samoan Studies Inst.
Directed by ASCC Drama Instructor, Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff, this play tells the legend of Samoan war goddess, Nafanua.

1.10. Battitude - An ASCC Play
1 hour. Directed by ASCC Drama Instructor, Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff,
This one hour play is based on a Samoan grown script in which a group of ASCC students find themselves lost in the forest,and listening to a group of pe’a (fruit bats) teaching them the lessons of life through various Samoan legends. Some sounds are not audible.

1.11. Midsummer Night Dream - An ASCC Play
1.5 hrs ASCC Samoan Studies Inst. © 2004 Directed by ASCC Drama Instructor, Dr. Sybil Johnson
This Shakespearean play is a comedy. Performed with talent and well received by the local American Samoan community.

VHS# 207-208, Miss ASCC Pageant - Spring 1998
1 hr 35 mins ASCC ©1998.
Miss ASCC Pageant was hosted by ASCC’s Student Government Association (SGA). The winner of the Miss ASCC 1998 – 1999 title was Miss Simeamativa Kruse.


VHS# 414, Miss ASCC Pageant - Spring 1999
1 hr 35 mins ASCC ©1999.
Miss Faaseila Fruean was crowned Miss ASCC 1999 – 2000.

DV# 256-258, Miss ASCC Pageant - Spring 2003
3 hrs ASCC ©2003.
Miss Dana Love was crowned Miss ASCC for 2003-2004.

DV# 343-349, Miss ASCC Pageant - Spring 2005
4 hrs ASCC ©2005. (2 hrs 35mins rough editing)
Miss Seumalo Langkilde was crowned Miss ASCC for 2005-2006.

DV# 537 - 540 Miss ASCC 2009 - 2010
4 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
Spring 2009. This footage of ASCC competition includes palu ina o le ava, interviews for KVZKTV evening news and the final night. Miss Lalomoana Vaeao become Miss ASCC 2009 - 2010.

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