ASCC Class Activities

VHS# 329-330, Samoan Language Conference 2000
2 hrs 42 mins ASCC ゥ2000.
Samoan Language conference with Government Departments.

DV# 51, Action Word Competition
ASCC ゥ 1998
ASCC Art Class. Individual shots of each entry in the competition at the Exhibit in ASCC Cafeteria.


DV# 231-232, During Su'ifefiloi Program
1 hr ASCC ゥ2002.
Presentation by the ASCC art classes as part of SAMPAC Su段fefiloi Program.

DV# 33, Footage for Title III Video Plus Drawing from ASCC Art 170 Class
1 hr ASCC ゥ 1998.
Surveying class, TAOA ladies weaving at ASCC Fale, Engineering. Each student drew a series of the picture representing their identity. Audio explanation recorded separately.

DV# 196-200, Service Learning Programs Workshop
4hrs 42 mins ASCC ゥ2004.
ASCC Faculty workshop on Service Learning as an instructional tool.

VHS# 201-202, ASCC Drawing Class
1hr 28mins ASCC ゥ1998.
#201 is a dub of art work from DV#33.
#202 is audio only student explain their art work.

VHS# 212-213, SGA Samoan Week
1hr 46mins ASCC ゥ1999.
'Ava ceremony / Lauga (oratory) / Sua Ta段 (sua presentation) / Samoan Games.

DV# 381, ASCC Samoan Mythology Class
46 mins ASCC ゥ 2005.
Students presentations on pre-Christian Samoan Religion : Tagaloa vs the Christian God.

DV# 30, Indigenous Arts (weaving, carving)
15 mins ASCC ゥ1998.
Elderly women weave fine mats and floor mats as part of a Su段fefiloi Program at Maliu-Mai Resort.

DV# 354, Eli 90 Broadcast Team
3 hrs ASCC ゥ2004.
Interview with the ASCC President Dr.Adele Satele Galea段, teachers and staff for student project.


DV# 469, Samoan Day Fall 2008
45 mins ASCC ゥ2008.
ASCC SSI Students performed Samoan drama / song痴 and dance / folafola Sua Ta段/ sula toga.

DV# 393-395, ASCC Student Support Service
2 hrs 38 mins ASCC ゥ 2005.
ASCC Student Support Services with students tour around ASG offices to understand roles and functions of government departments.

DV# 456-457, Samoan Day Fall 2007
1hr 45mins ASCC ゥ2007.
Samoan Classes presented their Samoan Poem / Samoan Drama / Samoan Songs including a student performance of Solo o le va, a Samoan story of Creation.

VHS# 212, SGA Samoan Week
1hr 45 mins ASCC ゥ1999.
Samoan Poem / Samoan Sports / Sua Ta段 presentations.

DV# 166, Filariasis Prevention Program
45 mins ASCC ゥ2005.
ASCC Current Affairs Class Project where they invited the Department of Public Health to do a presentation in prevention of Filariasis.

VHS# 206, Su'ifefiloi 1997
1hr 52mins ASCC ゥ1997.
Indigenous Literary Art selection. Poem in the Samoan Language/哲ana fua le tetea sung by Tia Seloti, Pulefaasisina and Dr. Dan Aga/Faleaitu performance by the students/Samoan Music Workshop performance.

DV# 201-204, Su'ifefiloi Spring
3 hrs ASCC ゥ2002.
2 hrs. Student work with indigenous instructor / Tini / Nunu Fanau.

VHS# 2004-2005, Su'ifefiloi Spring 1998
2 hrs ASCC ゥ2002.
Student work along with indigenous instructors; Samoan wedding & birth rituals -Tini & Nunu Fanau.

DV# 163-164, Mythology Certificate Award
2 hrs ASCC ©2002.
Certificates awarded to ASCC students at the end of a collaboration with the TAOA.

SVHS# 303, Marine Science Debate
45mins ASCC ©1998.
A special speaker from Marine and Wildlife department.

DV# 462, Samoan Drama Class 151
1 hour ASCC ©2008.
ASCC Samoan class Students (spring semester) act out myths and legends of Samoa as part of their activities in class. (spring semester) Instructor: Alofa Nuusila.

Class Activities

DV# 467-468, Samoan Class 151 Presentation
1hr 40 mins ASCC ©2008.
Demonstrations of Folafola To’ona’i, Su’a Ta’i / Sula Toga.At the ASCC fale. (spring semester) Instructor: Alofa Nuusila.

DV# 30-34, Various Classroom Shots and Teaching 1998
5 hrs ASCC ©2008.
Most of this footage was taken as part of the production of weaving values PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE (VHS #459, DVC 0020, DVC 0028), the ten minute informational promotion for ASCC’s Four Programs of Title 3. (The Anthropology Project, the Marine Science Program, the Technology Program, Critical Thinking and College Life Planning.

DV# 464-466, Samoan Class 111
3 hours ASCC ©2007.
Students’ Final Projects. Presentation (Fall semester) Instructor: Evile Fereti.

DV# 480, Samoan Class 151
1 hour ASCC ©2008.
Performed folafola sua ta’i / sula toga / solo / folafola to’ona’i at the ASCC fale. (spring semester) Instructor: Alofa Nuusila .

DV# 479, WASC 2008 Reports
55 mins ASCC ©2008.
WASC presented their report to ASCC at the Lecture hall.

DV# 192-193, Marine Science in American Samoa
2 hrs ASCC © 2002.
Forum help at ASCC Auditorium Speaker Dr. Sylvia Early of the National Geographic Society, was sponsored by ASCC Marine Science Department.

VHS# 214-215, Malaeloa Site
1 hr ASCC ©1999.
Archaeological Field School with University of Oregon Excavation on Asiapa Land under HC. Amituana’i Iosefa’s permission.

DV# 34, Epi Suafo'a with Field School - Malaeimi Site
15 mins ASCC ©1998.


VHS# 168, TV Advertisement for Archaeology Field School
15 mins ASCC © 2001.

VHS# 167, Uni of Oregon & ASCC Archaeology Field School - Malaeloa
15 mins ASCC © 2001.

DV# 379, Arrangement for the Archaeology Project in Malaeloa
1 hr ASCC © 2002
for Quent Winterhoff from the University of Oregon. (SAMPAC hosted lunch with HC Tuilefano and Tuitasi permission for archaeological research on land in Malaeloa village. Tuitasi was represented by his son To'a and also the "pulenu'u").

DV# 451-453, Archaeology Excavation Ta'u, Manu'a
3 hrs ASCC © 2007.
Archaeological excavation or the New Tau, Hospital 2007 with Dr. David Addison.

DV# 505, Making of "Faausi"
3 hrs 45 mins ASCC © 2009.
ASCC Samoan class students demonstrated how to make Faausi with a student’s parent on site helping them students.

DV# 510 SAM 151 student presentation: Taemanutava'e.
30 mins ASCC @ 2009.
Spring Semester 2009, filmed by instructor Mrs. Nuusila. ASCC student in Mrs. Nuusila's class talked about the legend of Taemanutava'e.

DV# 518 - 519 Samoan Language Class
2 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
Students of SSI instructor Alofa Nuusila perform Tala FaaSamoa / Folofola To'ona'i / Sula Toga at ASCC Fale Samoa.

DV# 548 - 549 Musicology Class Presentation of Final Projects.
2 hrs ASCC @ 2010.
July 2010. Student of ASCC Ethnomusicology class present and demonstrate their projects on ancient Samoan musical instruments, their history, cultural role, how they are made, and played. Instructor Kuki Tuiasosopo provides additional information about the purpose and background of the class, and explain how the student projects are placed in museums after the courde is completed.

DV# 532 - 536 Post - Tsunami Archaeology Survey in Tutuila
5 hrs ASCC @ 2009.
November 2009. Under the leadership of SSI Archaeologist, Dr. David Addison, and a grant from the NSF, a group of Archaeologists from America join together in American Samoa to survey the coastline of American Samoa after the large Tsunami of September 29th, struck causing much destruction but also exposing and bringing to the surface new archaeological materials. Area in America Samoa that they covered include Utusia, Faga'itua, Leone, Afao, Fagasa, Nua ma Se'etaga.

DV# 553 - 554 ASTEP / ASCC SAM 151 Lauga (Ceremonial Speech) Practicum
2 hrs ASCC @ 2010.
July 2010. ASTEP / ASCC student under the instruction of the instructor HTC Te;e'ai C. Ausage and Chief Nunuimalo A. Toleafoa did lauga as a student practice.

DV# 541 Samoan Language Instruction
1 hr ASCC @ 2010.
July 2010. Introductory Samoan language instruction dialogue read and sang by ASCC instructor Mrs. Tamari M. Cheung and Mr. Evile Feleti. Performed for production of a Samoan Language Learning CD for SAM 101.

1.8. ASCC Club Rally
40 min Samoan Studies Inst. © 2003
Hosted by ASCC SGA, introduction of different ASCC clubs, at the Auditorium.Lui Paulo was the SGA President, mostly consists of dance entertainment (Samoan siva, hip hop and other forms).

Unedited Video Footage
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