ASCC 'Ava Ceremonies

VHS# 314, Dr Earnest Leach of WASC ('Ava Ceremony)
37 mins ASCC ©1998.
Traditional Ava Ceremony to welcome Dr. Earnest Leach and the WASC committee to ASCC.

DV# 190-191, Department of the Interior - DOI ('Ava Ceremony)
1 hr ASCC ©2000.
A welcome ceremony for the Secretary of Office of Interior, Papali’i David Cohen.

ASCC Ava Ceremony

DV# 109-111, ASCC 30th Birthday 'Ava Ceremony
2 hrs ASCC © 2000.
30th Birthday of the American Samoa Community College since the college moved from Utulei to Mapusaga. The ava ceremony was hosted by ASCC students under the direction of SAMPAC’s staff, Pa’u Pepe Faleatua in Gymnasium.

DV# 227-230, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Visit
(edited Version available). 1 hr ASCC ©2002.
ASCC welcome for the WASC committee who visited ASCC. Ava ceremony plus, fono ava, WASC tour of campus, ceremony of the completion of Library’s Roof, WASC final oral report, interview with Dr. Adel Galea’i (ASCC President).

DV# 251, Pacific Health Officers Association (PHOA) 'Ava Ceremony
1 hr ASCC ©2003.
American Samoa Government welcome doctors from Pacific Islands. Traditional ava ceremony hosted by Samoan Pacific Studies.

DVC# 10, Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) - Lauching of film "Skin Stories" 'Ava Ceremony
38 min KVZK-TV ©2003.
ASCC Board members and administration welcomes Pacific Islanders in Communication from Hawaii for the Launching of the film “SKIN STORIES”. The lunch was hosted by SAMPAC.

Ava Ceremony

DVC# 386, Land Grant 'Ava Ceremony
1 hr ASCC ©2005.
Welcome ceremony for the hosts of “How to apply for Federal Grants” workshop.

DV# 489-490, 9th Faleula o Fatua'iupu o Gagana Samoa in California ('Ava Ceremony
1 hr ASCC © 2008.
Welcome ava ceremony of all the participates of the Fale’ula Conference. Lauga done by Sale’aula Matuavao.

DV# 477, Welcome 'ava ceremony for WASC
55 mns ASCC ©2008.
Ava Ceremony undertaken by the ASCC students to honor the arrival of the WASC committee.

DV# 516 - 517, Mayor of Honolulu at ASCC Graduation 2009
2 hrs ASCC ©2009.
Elected Mayor of Honolulu, Muli Ufi Hanneman as a guest speaker in ASCC 2009 graduation. Also a farewell ava ceremony done by SSI on behalf of ASCC.

DV# 517, 'Ava Ceremony for Muli'ufi Hanneman, Honolulu Mayor
1 hr ASCC @ 2009.
Hanneman was the guest speaker for ASCC graduation of Spring 2009. The ceremony followed the graduation hosted by Samoan studies Institute.

DV# 550 WASC 'ava ceremony
1 hr ASCC @ 2010.
March 30, 2010. ASCC Welcome 'ava ceremony for WASC

DV# 551 - 552, Faata'ita'iga Alofi Sa
2 hrs ASCC @ 2010.
July 2010. An 'ava ceremony done by the SSI students as an example of a ava ceremony of welcoming of a group. This was done on behalf of the camera and for the student to practice. Instructor HTC Tele'ai and Nunuimalo A. Toleafoa.

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